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Manual Credit
MMax Pro - Manual Maclan Racing
MMax Pico - Manual
Blank Setup Sheet
MMax Pro & Pico - Editable Setup Sheet
MMax Pro & Pico - V3 Firmware

Date Driver Vehicle Track Composition Layout Traction Credit
2018.07.22 Harley Elridge TC Halifax Asphalt Open Medium Maclan
2018.06.24 Julian Wong TC KO GP - Steel City Asphalt Open High Maclan
2017.12.09 Kevin Lee 2wd WS - Silverstone Carpet Mixed High K. Lee
2017.04.29-30 Kevin Lee 2wd/4wd BRCA - Telford Astroturf Mixed Medium K. Lee
2017.04.30 Brandon Dyche 2wd Yakima Dirt Mixed Low-Medium N. Malato
2017.02.17-19 JP Richards 2wd/Truck Motorama Dirt Open Low N. Malato
2017.02.17-19 Jim Hustins (17.5) SC Motorama Dirt Open Low N. Malato
2017.02.17-19 Jon Noon (17.5) 2wd Motorama Dirt Open Low N. Malato
2017.02.11 Paul Crompton 4wd Silverstone Carpet Technical High P. Crompton
2017.01.22 Josh Hohnstein TC Windy RC Carpet Technical High J. Hohnstein

Arn0 - 2017-01-28