This car replaces the A700Evo

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A800 Manual Awesomatix
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A800 Editable Setup Sheet Awesomatix/Arn0
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ARS and Rear Wheelbase Explained R. Maker
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Awesomatix - GD2B Tech Tip - Small Shim M. Machler
Awesomatix - P141-X Modification For C04M1-LA Arms M. Machler
Battery Placement J. Doucakis
C04 Suspension Arm Play Removal M. Machler
MMCX ESC Electronics Setup M. Machler
How To Setup M. Machler
Tech Tips M. Machler
ST69 Spring Screw Overview M. Machler
Starting Setup
A800 Initial Carpet Setup Awesomatix
A800 Base Carpet Setup M. Geiger
A800 Base Indoor Setups (09.2016) M. Machler
A800 Base UK Carpet Setup (09.2016) C. Jackson

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
07.07.2019 Javier Alonso (MMCX)
Luis Enrique (MMCX/8.5)
CAR - Bilbao Technical Low-Medium M. Machler
07.07.2019 Max Hordijk (MMCX/13.5) DNK - Baanbrekers Fast High M. Machler
28-30.06.2019 Freddy Sudhoff (MMCX)
Lucas Urbain (MMCX)
Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
Thimo Weissbauer (MMCX)
Cyril N'Diaye (MMCX)
Olivier Bultynck (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5)
ETS - Apeldoorn Fast Medium-High M. Machler
22-23.06.2019 Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
Cyril N'Diaye (MMCX)
Antoine Brunet (MMCX)
Julien Jost (MMCX)
French Nats - Marmagne Mixed-Fast Medium M. Machler
15.06.2019 Freddy Sudhoff (MMCX)
Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
Thimo Weissbauer (MMCX)
Olivier Bultynck (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5)
Frederik Mikkelsen (MMCX)
EC - Trencin M. Machler

F. Mikkelsen
09.06.2019 Lucas Urbain (MMCX)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Remi Callens (MMCX/13.5)
TOS - Apeldoorn Fast Medium-High M. Machler
02.06.2019 Lucas Urbain (MMCX) TOS - Wachtersbach Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
24-26.05.2019 Lucas Urbain (MMCX)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
RROC - Steel City Fast Low-Medium L. Urbain
M. Machler
25-26.05.2019 Hugo Ragaut (Evo)
Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
French Nats - Besancon
M. Machler
19.05.2019 Olivier Bultynck (MMCX) BK - HRT Technical Low M. Machler
10-12.05.2019 Freddy Sudhoff (MMXC)
Lucas Urbain (MMCX)
Tim Wahl (MMCX)
Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5)
DominicVogl (MMCX/13.5)
Olivier Bultynck (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5)
ETS - Wiener Technical-Fast
M. Machler
27-28.04.2019 Boris Siladi (Evo/13.5) Swiss Champs - Chiasso Mixed Medium M. Machler
28.04.2019 Jonny Guerra (MMCX/13.5) HPI Ch. - Hockendorf Technical Low J. Guerra
19-21.04.2019 Max Machler (MMCX/13.5) Test - Wiener Neudorf Technical-Fast Medium M. Machler
12-14.04.2019 Ryan Maker (MMCX)
Terry Norman (MMCX/13.5)
ATS - Moorebank Mixed-Fast Medium R. Maker
12-14.04.2019 Simon Wang (MMCX/13.5) AOC - RCI v2 Mixed-Fast Medium
05-07.04.2019 Freddy Suddhof (MMCX)
Lucas Urbain (MMCX)
Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5)
Olivier Bultynck (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5)
Isaac Cuevas (Evo/13.5)
ETS - Madrid Mixed Low M. Machler
23-24.03.2019 Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
Antoine Brunet (MMCX/13.5)
French Nats - Lentilly Fast
M. Machler
10.03.2019 Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5)
Marka - MCM (indoor) Mixed Medium M. Machler
01-03.03.2019 Ryan Maker (MMCX)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
TITC - Bangkok Mixed High R. Maker
M. Machler
16.12.2018 Simon Wang (MMCX/13.5) AM Cup - AMA (Indoor) Mixed High M. Machler
04.11.2018 Hein Kotze (Evo) SARDA - Key West Technical Medium M. Machler
12-14.10.2018 Ryan Macker (Evo)
Tom De Nardis (Evo/13.5)
ATS - Lidydale Fast Low-Medium M. Machler
02.09.2018 Dennis Pickthall (X/13.5) Sao Paulo Mixed Medium M. Machler
02.09.2018 Dennis Pickthall (X/13.5) Sao Paulo Mixed Medium M. Machler
02.09.2018 Max Machler (X/13.5) EWS - Aigen-Schlagel Mixed-Fast Medium-High M. Machler
25-26.08.2018 Brandon Clements (X) CTS - Roseville Mixed Medium B. Clements
26.08.2018 Steven Moller Olsen (X) Danish Nats - GRC Technical Medium-High M. Machler
16-19.08.2018 Freddy Sudhoff (X)
Loic Jasmin (MMCX)
WC - Welkom Mixed-Fast Low-Medium M. Machler
27-29.07.2018 Maxim Laverychev (X)
Denis Laverychev (X)
Russian Nats - LEMAR Technical Medium M. Machler
13-15.07.2018 Max Machler (X/13.5) ETS - Trencin Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
08.07.2018 Mitchell Van Es (X/13.5) Dutch Nats - Heemstede Fast High M. Van Es
27-30.06.2018 Lucas Urbain (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
EC - Wiener-Neustadt Mixed Medium M. Machler
22-24.06.2018 Lucas Urbain (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
Chris Diesel (X/13.5)
ETS - Apeldoorn Technical Low-Medium M. Machler

10.06.2018 Max Machler (X/13.5) TOS - Andernach Technical Low-Medium M. Machler
08-10.06.2018 Michael Lo (X/13.5) AOC - Bacolod Mixed Medium M. Machler
02-03.06.2018 Marcel Geiger (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
TOS - Apeldoorn Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
24-27.05.2018 Brandon Clements (X) RRTC - Tamiya USA Technical Medium M. Machler
26-27.05.2018 Lucas Urbain (X)
Loic Jasmin (X)
French Nats - Beaumont-Monteux Technical Medium-High M. Machler
10-13.05.2018 Thimo Weissbauer (X)
Freddy Sudhoff (X)
Lucas Urbain (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
Chris Diesel (X/13.5)
ETS - Andernach Mixed Medium M. Machler
13.05.2018 Sam Isaacs (X) JMR Mixed-Fast Medium Awesomatix USA
06.05.2018 Ryan Macker (X) Vic Titles - Boronia Technical Low R. Maker
05.05.2018 Sam Isaacs (X) JMR Mixed Low-Medium Awesomatix USA
29-30.04.2018 Max Machler (X/13.5) Test - Althengstett Technical Low M. Machler
29.04.2018 Domenic Paul (X) TOS - Althengstett Technical Medium M. Machler
13-15.04.2018 Freddy Sudhoff (X)
Loic Jasmin (X)
Lucas Urbain (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
Chris Diesel (X/13.5)
ETS - Madrid Fast
M. Machler
23-25.03.2018 Loic Jasmin (X) French Nats - Montpellier Fast Medium M. Machler
25.03.2018 Freddy Sudhoff (X) Practice - Kirchhain Fast Medium M. Machler
04.03.2018 Freddy Sudhoff (X/17.5) TITC - RC Addict Fast High M. Machler
18.02.2018 Fai Ho (X) Chinese NY Race - Hong Kong Technical Low M. Machler
14.01.2018 Jeffrey Mackie (X) ROAR Nats - Dale Mixed Low-Medium Awesomatix USA
03-05.11.2017 Sam Isaacs (X) ROAR Nats - Dale Mixed Low-Medium Awesomatix USA
14.10.2017 Borgogni Tiziano (X) Test - Florence Technical Medium B. Tiziano
08.10.2017 Jeffrey Mackie (X) XRS - Whalan Fast Medium J. Mackie
07.10.2017 Giovanni Gigante Giardini Fast High G. Gigante
24.09.2017 Billy Fletcher (X/17.5)
Dani Young (X/17.5)
Eastbourne Technical
Medium B. Fletcher
M. Young
23-24.09.2017 Cyril N'Diaye (X) French Nats - Emerainville
18.08.2017 Mitchell Van Es (X) Dutch Nats - Deventer Technical Low M. Van Es
13.08.2017 Brandon Clements (X) CTS - Roseville B. Clements
28-30.07.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) Test - Ettlingen Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
30.07.2017 Richard Sanderson (13.5) BTCC - Halifax Fast Medium R. Sanderson
15.07.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) Test - Ettlingen Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
09.07.2017 Malc Hall (13.5) BTCC - WLRC Mixed Medium M. Hall
01.07.2017 David Rebollo (10.5) EC - Valencia Mixed-Fast Low-Medium D. Rebollo
25.06.2017 Richard Sanderson (13.5) BRCA Nats - Stafford Mixed Low R. Sanderson
16-18.06.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) ETS - Trencin Mixed-Fast Medium M. Machler
18.06.2017 Mitchell Van Es (X) Dutch Nats - Baanbrekers Fast Medium M. Van Es
10.06.2017 Sam Isaacs (X/17.5) JMR Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
02-04.06.2017 Rocket Zhang (X) CETC - Xiamen
03.06.2017 Sam Isaacs (X/Mod & 17.5) JMR Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
26-28.05.2017 Viljami Kutvonen (X)
Rod Canare (X/13.5)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
Michael Hanulec (X/13.5)
Thad Garner (X/17.5)
Reedy Race - Tamiya USA Mixed Medium
R. Canare
M. Machler
Awesomatix USA
T. Garner
28.05.2017 Mitchell Vann Es (X) Belgian Nats - Roeselare Fast Medium M. Van Es
27.05.2017 MikeGee (X/Spec) Jackson Mixed Low-Medium Awesomatix USA
12-14.05.2017 Max Machler (X/XA/13.5) ETS - Riccione Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
14.05.2017 Michael Hanulec (X/13.5) Camarillo M. Hanulec
07.05.2017 Mitchell Van Es (X) Belgium Nats - Baanbrekers Fast Medium M. Van Es
06.05.2017 Max Machler (X/XA/13.5) Test - Ettlingen Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
30.04.2017 Mitchell Van Es (X) Dutch Nats - HFCC Technical Low M. Van Es
21-23.04.2017 Brandon Clements (X)
Rod Canare (X)
CTS - Tamiya USA Mixed Medium B. Clements
R. Canare
22-23.04.2017 Cyril N'Diaye (X) French Nats - Lentilly
22.04.2017 Alex Ilievski (X/13.5) Much More Master - SMA Technical Low-Medium A. Ilievski
07-09.04.2016 Max Machler (X/13.5)
Johannes Sperr (X/13.5)
ETS - Madrid Mixed-Fast Medium M. Machler
08-09.04.2017 Mitchell Van Es (X) Belgian Nats - GTM RC Technical Low-Medium C. Jackson
09.04.2017 Colin Jackson (X) Bedworth Mixed Low C. Jackson
25-26.03.2017 Fai Ho (X) CETC - Guangzhou
17-19.03.2017 Colin Jackson (X) Bedworth Mixed Low C. Jackson
17-19.03.2017 Ryan Maker (X) Vic Titles - SERCCC Technical-Mixed Low-Medium R. Maker
16-19.02.2017 Ryan Maker (X) TITC - Bangkok R. Maker
05.02.2017 Jeffrey Mackie (X) XRS - SMA Mixed Medium-High J. Mackie
15.12.2017 Ryan Maker (X)
Tom De Nardis (X/13.5)
SA States Title - HobbyHabit Mixed High (Indoor) R. Maker
06.11.2016 Ryan Maker Austalian Nats - TFTR Mixed Low R. Maker
10-11.09.2016 Brandon Clements Speedworld Cup - Roseville Mixed Medium B. Clements
10-11.09.2016 Sam Isaacs (17.5/13.5) ROAR Nats - Valkiria Mixed Low Awesomatix USA
04.09.2016 Nicolas Delise Belgian Nats - Zwevegem Technical Low N. Delise
24-27.08.2016 Freddy Sudhoff
Ryan Maker
WC - Beijing

R. Maker
07.08.2016 Brandon Clements CTS - Warm Springs Raceway Fast High
06-07.08.2016 Olivier Bultynck Belgian Nats - Baanberkers Fast High Awesomatix
06-07.08.2016 Max Machler (13.5) German Nats - Singen Technical High M. Machler
28-31.07.2016 Max Machler (13.5) Hot Race - Riccione Mixed Medium M. Machler
22-24.07.2016 Max Machler (13.5) ETS - Trencin Mixed Medium M. Machler
09.07.2016 Sam Isaacs JMR Mixed Low-Medium S. Isaacs
01-02.07.2016 Max Machler (10.5) EC - Trencin Mixed Medium M. Machler
29.05.2016 Alex Ilievski NSW Titles - Castle Hill Technical Low A. Ilievski
27-29.05.2016 Viljami Kutvonen
Julian Wong
RRoC - Tamiya USA

24.04.2016 Luke Hobson BRCA Nats - Stafford Mixed Low L. Hobson
19.12.2015 Ed IJzerman Practice - Heemstede Technical-Mixed-Fast Medium E. IJzerman
13-15.05.2016 Viljami Kutvonen
Max Machler
Christian Drie▀le
ETS - Riccione Mixed-Fast


V. Kutvonen
M. Machler
C. Drie▀le
17.04.2016 Colin Jackson (Stock) BRCA Nats - Stafford Mixed-Fast Low-Medium C. Jackson
04.04.2016 Colin Jackson (Stock) BRCA Nats - Eastbourne Technical-Mixed Low-Medium C. Jackson
03.04.2016 John Doucakis Greek Nats - Zorri Mixed Low Awesomatix USA
27.03.2016 Wen Titan Track Mixed-Fast Low RC Tech
28.02.2016 Atsushi Hara TITC - RC Addict Fast High M. Machler
28.02.2016 Alex Ilievski ACT Titles - Kambah Mixed-Fast Medium-High A. Ilievski
Carpet Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
14.04.2019 Sam Isaacs (MMCX) MHIC - 5280 Raceway Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
14.04.2019 Frederick Mikkelsen (MMCX) Danish Nats - Copenhagen F. Mikkelsen
22-24.03.2019 Sam Isaacs (MMCX)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5-17.5)
Ryan Berry (MMCX/17.5)
Canadian Nats Mixed-Fast
M. Machler
24.03.2019 Maxim Laverychev (Evo) Russia Nats - DDUT Fast High M. Machler
10.03.2019 Sam Isaacs (MMCX)
Kyle Klingforth (MMCX)
ROAR Nats Technical-Mixed Medium
M. Machler
01-03.03.2019 Tim Wahl (MMCX) RT Pegasus Masters Mixed Medium M. Machler
23-24.02.2019 Antoine Brunet (MMCX) Montbrison M. Machler
16-17.02.2019 Tim Wahl (MMCX) WS - Longwy Mixed Medium M. Machler
08-10.02.2019 Freddy Suddhof (MMCX)
Loic Jasmin (Evo)
Lucas Urbain (MMCX)
Thimo Weissbauer (MMCX)
Marcel Geiger (MMCX)
Alexander Stocker (MMCX/13.5)
Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5)
ETS - Daun Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
02.02.2019 Sam Isaacs (Evo) Snowbirds Mixed Low M. Machler
26-27.01.2019 Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5) XRS - Leipzig Mixed High M. Machler
27.01.2019 Christop Thiele (MMCX/13.5) HPI Ch. - Bremen Mixed Low-Medium M. Machler
18-20.01.2019 Lucas Urbain (Evo)
Thimo Weissbauer (Evo & MMCX)
Marcel Geiger (Evo & MMCX)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Frederik Mikkelsen (MMCX/13.5)
GP3F - Longwy Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
11-13.01.2019 Max Machler (MMCX/13.5) DHI Cup - Odense Mixed High M. Machler
05.01.2019 Michael Hanulec (MMCX) Practice - 360v2 Mixed High Awesomatix USA
30.12.2018 Michael Hanulec (MMCX) Point Series - 360v2 Mixed High Awesomatix USA
20.12.2018 Sam Isaacs (MMCX) Practice - 360v2 Mixed High Awesomatix USA
07-09.12.2018 Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
EWS Internats - Essex Technical-Mixed
M. Machler
01.12.2018 Sam Isaacs (MMCX/13.5) 180 Raceway Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
24-25.11.2018 Sam Isaacs (MMCX) US Indoor Champ - Cleveland Mixed LowMedium M. Machler
24-25.11.2018 Thimo Weissbauer (Evo)
Tim Wahl (Evo)
WS - Longwy Mixed Medium M. Machler
24-25.11.2018 Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5) WS - Berlin Technical-Mixed Low-Medium M. Machler
16-18.11.2018 Brandon Clements (Evo - MMCX/17.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/17.5 - Evo/GT)
IIC - Las Vegas Mixed Medium
M. Machler
03-04.11.2018 Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5) HPU Ch. - Ingolstadt Technical-Mixed Low-Medium M. Machler
26-28.10.2018 Freddy Sudhoff (Evo)
Thimo Weissbauer (Evo)
Simon Lauter (MMCX/13.5)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Christian Donath (MMCX/13.5)
Steven Moller Olsen (X/13.5)
ETS - Vienna High M. Machler
07.10.2018 Mike Gee (X) NYGP - 360v2 Technical-Mixed High M. Machler
29-30.08.2018 Olvier Bultynck (MMCX) Belgian Nats - HRT Technical Medium M. Machler
30.09.2018 Thimo Weissbauer (X)
Max Machler (MMCX/13.5)
Christian Donath (Evo/13.5)
German Nats - Andernach Mixed
Medium-High M. Machler
16.09.2018 Brandon Clements (Evo) TQ Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
16.09.2018 Sam Isaacs (17.5/Mod) 360v2 Mixed High M. Machler
14-16.09.2018 Marcel Geiger
Olivier Bultynck (13.5)
Max Machler (13.5)
Christian Donath (13.5)
RROC EU - Nurburgring Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
22.04.2018 Sam Isaacs (17.5/Mod) MHIC - 5280 Raceway Technical-Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
22.04.2018 Sam Isaacs (17.5/Mod) MHIC - 5280 Raceway Technical-Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
06-08.04.2018 Max Machler (XAH/13.5) HPI Mast. - Arena33 Mixed High M. Machler
25.03.2018 Phil Matthews (17.5/Mod) Canadian Nats - Welland Mixed-Fast Medium-High Awesomatix USA
10-11.03.2018 Sam Isaacs
Arthur Scrimo
ROAR Nats - Apex RC Mixed High Awesomatix USA
03-04.03.2018 Max Machler (X/13.5) WS - Longwy Technical-Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
18.02.2018 Mitchell Van Es (X) Belgian Nats - GTM-RC Technical Low-Medium M. Van Es
18.02.2018 Cyril N'Diaye (X) WS - Longwy Mixed Medium M. Machler
17.02.2018 Max Machler (X/10.5) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice Mixed Medium M. Machler
11.02.2018 Max Machler (X/10.5) XRS - Arena33 Technical High M. Machler
11.02.2018 Maxim Laverychev (X) Denis Laverychev Russian Nats - Vladimir Mixed High M. Laverychev
02-04.02.2018 Freddy Sudhoff (X)
Marcel Geiger (X)
Max Machler (XAH/13.5)
Ozer Yurum (X/13.5)
ETS - Daun Mixed High M. Machler
31.01.2018 Sam Isaacs (17.5/Mod) Snowbirds Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
20-21.01.2018 Marcel Geiger (X)
Olivier Bultynck (XAH/13.5)
Max Machler (XAH/13.5)
GP3F - Longwy Mixed Low-Medium M. Machler
21.01.2018 Dani Young (13.5) Rug Racers - Wodson Park Mixed High
14.01.2018 Max Machler (XA/13.5) TOS - Arena33 Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
14.01.2018 Steve Deiss Court OverRC
07.01.2018 Sam Isaacs (17.5/Mod) Hudy Race - Prolevel RC Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
05-07.01.2018 Marcel Geiger (X)
Daniel Wohlgemuth (X/13.5)
Max Machler (XA/13.5)
MCSS Open - Althengstett Technical High M. Machler
10.12.2017 Mike Gee (XAH/17.5) 180 Raceway Technical High Awesomatix USA
09-10.12.2017 Max Machler (XAH/13.5) EWS Int'l - Essew Mixed Medium M. Machler
01-03.12.2017 Max Machler (XAH/13.5) Charity Race - Scandiano Fast High M. Machler
03.12.2017 Nicolas Delise (XA) Dutch Nats - Limburg Mixed High N. Delise
26-26.11.2017 Mike Gee (XA/17.5)
Art Scrimo (XA/17.5&USGT)
USIC - Cleveland Mixed High Awesomatix USA
A. Scrimo
26-26.11.2017 David Kuschnarew (X/13.5) Loffler Cup - Estenfeld Mixed Medium M. Machler
11-12.11.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) Pegasus Masters - Piding Technical-Fast Medium-High M. Machler
27-29.10.2017 Viljami Kutvonen (X)
Thimo Weissbauer (X)
Marcel Geiger (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
ETS - Wien Mixed Medium M. Machler
29.10.2017 Billy Fletcher (X) Rug Racers Mixed High B. Fletcher
14-15.10.2017 Viljami Kutvonen (X)
Freddy Sudhoff (X)
Max Machler (X/13.5)
TOS - Arena33 Mixed-Fast Medium-High M. Machler
14-15.10.2017 Zdenko Kunak (X) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
03-06.10.2017 Kyle Klingforth (X/17.5 & Mod)
Mike Gee (X)
Brandon Clements (X/17.5)
IIC - Las Vegas Mixed
Awesomatix USA
01.10.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) Test - Arena33 Mixed-Fast Medium-High M. Machler
17.09.2017 Michael Hanulec (X/17.5)
Mike Gee (X/17.5)
Sam Isaacs (X/17.5)
IIC Practice - 360v2 Mixed

Awesomatix USA
17.09.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) ADAC Mit. Cup - NŘrburgring Mixed-Fast High M. Machler
28.05.2017 Jeffrey Mackie (X)
Alex Ilievski (X/13.5)
XRS - Canberra Mixed Medium-High J. Mackie
23.04.2017 Maxim Laverychev (X/13.5&Mod) IRC - Vladimir Mixed-Fast High Awesomatix
08-12.03.2017 Sam Isaacs (X/17.5 & Mod) ROAR Nats - 360v2 Mixed High Awesomatix USA
05.03.2017 Colin Jackson (X/17.5) Rug Racers Mixed High C. Jackson
24-26.02.2017 Viljami Kutvonen (X)
Olivier Bultynck (X/13.5)
Markus Kreder (13.5)
ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Mixed-Fast Medium V. Kutvonen
26.02.2017 Colin Jackson (X/13.5) ICC Practice Mixed Low-Medium C. Jackson
05.02.2017 Sam Isaacs (Mod & 17.5) Snowbirds Nats Mixed High Awesomatix USA
05.02.2017 Max Machler (XA/13.5)
Marcel Geiger (XA/13.5)
Test - Arena33 Mixed Medium M. Machler
21-22.01.2017 Max Machler (X/10.5) GP3F - Longwy Fast Medium M. Machler
15.01.2017 Colin Jackson (17.5) Rug Race Mixed-Fast Medium C. Jackson
15.01.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) Charity Race - Scandiano Fast High M. Machler
06-08.01.2017 Max Machler (X/13.5) DHI - Odense Mixed Medium M. Machler
01.01.2017 Michael Hanulec (17.5) 360 v2 Technical High Awesomatix USA
11.12.2016 Mike Gee (17.5) Stock Wars - 360 v2 Technical High Awesomatix USA
02-04.12.2016 Viljami Kutvonen
Max Machler (13.5)
ETS - Hvrotovice M. Machler
27.11.2016 Sam Isaacs (17.5) USIC - Cleveland Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
30.10.2016 Nicolas Delise WS - Longwy Mixed Medium N. Delise
22-23.10.2016 Max Machler (13.5) German Nats - Ingolstadt Mixed Medium M. Machler
23.10.2016 Sam Isaacs Halloween Classic - The Gate Fast High Awesomatix USA
23.10.2016 Maxim Laverychev Vladimir Cup Mixed-Fast Medium M. Laverychev
02-08.10.2016 Korey Harbke
Sam Isaacs
Mike Gee (13.5/17.5)
IIC - Las Vegas Technical-Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
04.10.2016 Thimo Weissbauer Geilenkirchen Mixed Medium-High Oleg
02-03.10.2016 Max Machler (13.5) Limburg & Geilenkirchen Mixed Medium M. Machler
02.10.2016 Colin Jackson (17.5)
Luke Hobson (17.5)
Rug Racers Mixed
C. Jackson
31.08.2016 Michael Hanulec (17.5) Wed Nights Worlds Technical-Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
08-10.04.2016 Viljami Kutvonen
Tony Streit
ETS - Wels Mixed Medium M. Machler
03.04.2016 Nicolas Delise Belgian Nats - GTM-RC Mixed Medium N. Delise
27-28.02.2016 Olivier Bultynck Belgian Nats - GTM-RC Mixed-Fast Low-Medium O. Bultynck
27.02.2016 Brandon Clements CTS - 209 Raceway Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
14.02.2016 Maxim Laverychev Russian Nats - Vladimir Technical-Mixed Medium M. Laverychev
05-07.02.2016 Maxim Laverychev (13.5) ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Mixed Medium-High M. Laverychev
31.01.2016 Michael Hanulec (13.5/17.5) Snowbird Nats Mixed High Awesomatix USA
23-24.01.2016 Max Machler
Olivier Bultynck
Marcel Geiger
GP3F - Longwy Technical-Mixed-Fast
M. Machler
O. Bultynck
10.01.2016 Max Machler (13.5) MCSS Open - Althengstett Technical-Mixed-Fast Medium-High M. Machler
02.01.2016 Bert De Winter Practice - PK Racing Mixed Medium B. De Winter
29.12.2015 Marcel Geiger Beerfelden Technical-Mixed High Awesomatix
19.12.2015 Ed IJzerman Practice - PK Racing Mixed Medium E. IJzerman
11-13.12.1015 Viljami Kutvonen
Christian Driesle
Marcel Geiger
EOS - Hvrotovice Technical
High Awesomatix
C. Driesle
05-06.12.2015 Marcel Geiger
Max Machler (13.5)
Charity Race - Scandiano Mixed High M. Machler
28.11.2015 Viljami Kutvonen Mibo Cup - Hvrotovice Technical High Awesomatix USA
22.11.2015 Kyle Klingforth (13.5) 5280 Raceway Technical Medium Awesomatix USA
22.11.2015 Maxim Laverychev Vladimir Cup Technical-Mixed Medium M. Laverychev
15.11.2015 Wayne Mah WCICS - Edmonton Technical-Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
14-15.11.2015 Max Machler
Bernhard Bopp
Pegasus Masters - Piding Technical Medium M. Machler
15.11.2015 Matthias Keding (13.5) LRP-HPI Ch. - Gro▀auheim Technical-Mixed Medium Awesomatix
15.11.2015 Tony Streit (13.5) LRP-HPI Ch. - Herrenhaide Mixed Medium - High Awesomatix
14.11.2015 Mike Gee (17.5) MRH Fast Medium-High Awesomatix USA
07.11.2015 Max Machler Test - Beerfelden Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
01.11.2015 Viljami Kutvonen LTCC - Lahti Mixed Medium Awesomatix

Arn0 - 2015-10-22