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Manual & Diagram Source
WildFire D08 Manual VBC Racing
WildFire D08 Exploded View
WildFire Gear Chart (xls)
Wildfire D08 Pivot Block Insert Widths
WildFire D08
WildFire D08 Build Midse
WildFire D08 Build (Video) E. Pickering
True Big Bore Touring Shocks Set D-05-VBC-0094
True Big Bore Short (TBBS) Touring Shocks Set D-05-VBC-0236
WildFire 'ARTS - Active Rear Toe System' Kit D-05-VBC-0183
TBB Shocks Build (Spanish)
WildFire D08 Dynamics Edition
Blank Setup Sheet
WildFire D08 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Base Setup Sheet
WildFire D08 Default Setup VBC Racing
Ryan Maker - Basic Asphalt Setup R. Maker
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups
WildFire D08 Differential Tips E. Pickering

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Surface Source
16.10.2016 Hayato (13.5) Yong Kang Outdoor
01-02.10.2016 Salvo Bonomo (13.5) LRP Master - Trecastegni Outdoor High Smooth S. Bonomo
04.09.2016 Salvo Bonomo (13.5) Trapani Outdoor Low-High Smooth S. Bonomo
27-28.08.2016 Arnaud Soulignac CdF - Evry Outdoor High Medium-Bumpy A. Soulignac
22-24.07.2015 Nikolai Håheim (13.5) ETS - Trencin Outdoor Medium Smooth N. Håheim
24-26.06.2016 Lucas Urbain
Arnaud Soulignac
ETS - Luxembourg Outdoor Low Medium-Bumpy L. Urbain
13-15.05.2015 Yannic Prumper
Arnaud Soulignac
Nikolai Håheim (13.5)
ETS - Riccione Outdoor


A. Soulignac
01.05.2015 Olivier M. (13.5) French Nats - Ingrandes Outdoor Low-Medium Medium-Bumpy Olivier M.
17.04.2015 Salvo Bonomo (13.5) Palermo Outdoor High Smooth S. Bonomo
26-27.03.2015 Arnaud Soulignac French Nats - Marmagne Outdoor Low-Medium Smooth A. Soulignac
27.03.2015 Carven Chow PYC Outdoor Low-Medium Smooth C. Chow (VBC)
12-14.02.2016 Antoni Caretti TFTR Outdoor Low-Medium Medium A. Caretti
30.01.2016 Salvo Bonomo Rosolini Outdoor High Smooth S. Bonomo
23.01.2016 Angelo Lorefice Rosolini Outdoor High Smooth A. Lorefice
15.01.2016 Antoni Caretti Hobbit Habit Indoor Medium Smooth A. Caretti
26.12.2015 Carven Chow Practice - PYC Outdoor High Smooth C. Chow (VBC)
03-05.02.2017 Gary Lanzer (USGT) WCICS - Saskatoon High Smooth G. Lanzer
14.05.2017 Edward Pickering (13.5) Yatabe Arena Medium-High Medium E. Pickering
10.05.2017 Edward Pickering (13.5) Yatabe Arena Low-Medium Medium E. Pickering
03-05.02.2017 Gary Lanzer WCICS - Moose Jaw Medium Smooth G. Lanzer
05.09.2016 Edward Pickering Test - Yatabe Arena Medium Medium-Smooth E. Pickering
08-10.04.2016 Edward Pickering Shakedown - K-Stadium Medium-High Smooth E. Pickering
08-10.04.2016 Yannic Prumper ETS - Wels
06.03.2016 Nikolai Håheim Norwegian Nationals Low Smooth N. Håheim
28.02.2016 Mitchell Van Es
Athan De Witte (10.5)
BK - Vosselaar High Bumpy
B. De Witte
05-07.02.2016 Lucas Urbain ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Medium-High Smooth L. Urbain
23-24.01.2016 Lucas Urbain GP3F - Longwy K. Thomassin
24.01.2016 Nicolas Delise Lovan Medium Bumpy K. Thomassin
18.01.2016 John Tsang (17.5) OverGeared Racing Medium Medium-Smooth J. Tsang

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