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Rear Aerodynamics Serpent

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Traction Layout Source
01-04.08.2019 Felix Law (Pro) ROAR Nats - Roseville Medium Serpent
26-28.06.2019 David Ehrbar (SF4) ETS - Apeldoorn Low Serpent
03-04.03.2019 David Ehrbar (SF4) ETS - Madrid Low Serpent
10.03.2019 Alexexander Stocker (SF4) MCM Track High Smooth Serpent
16-18.08.2018 David Ehrbar (S4) WE - Welkom
23-24.09.2017 StickKing (SF3) CETC - Hong Kong
28-30.07.2017 David Ehrbar (SF3)
Tim Bensen (SF3)
ETS - Ettlingen Serpent
23-24.07.2016 Tim Jansen (SF2)
Patrick Jongenelis (SF2)
Benelux Race - Rucphen Medium Serpent
P. Jongenelis
27.09.2015 Tim Jansen (SF2) Nk Rd6 - Rucphen Medium Fast Serpent
12-13.09.2015 Steve Deblaere (SF2) France GP - Villerest High S. Deblaere
16.08.2015 Steve Deblaere (SF2) BK6 - Genk Low S. Deblaere
29-31.05.2015 David Ehrbar (SF2) ETS - Luxembourg Medium Serpent
24.05.2015 Tim Jansen (SF2/Foam) NK Rd2 - Den Haag Low Technical Serpent
01-03.05.2015 David Ehrbar (SF2) ETS - Mattsee Serpent
10-12.04.2015 David Ehrbar (SF2) ETS - Riccione Medium Serpent
04-05.04.2015 Patrick Jongenelis (SF2) IDFM - Heemstede Medium Serpent
12-13.07.2014 Nicolas Pezzotti Xray Challenge - Livorno High Serpent
23-24.02.2019 David Ehrbar (SF4) Serpent Cup - Yatabe Arena High Asuka Create
23-24.02.2019 Kevin Gonard (SF4) Montbrison Medium K. Gonard
08-10.02.2019 David Ehrbar (SF4)
Alexexander Stocker (SF4)
ETS - Daun High

26-28.10.2018 David Ehrbar (SF4) ETS - Vienna High Serpent
17.02.2018 David Ehrbar (SF3) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice High Serpent
02-04.02.2018 David Ehrbar (SF3) ETS - Daun High Serpent
08-10.12.2017 David Ehrbar (SF3) EWS Int'l Medium Serpent
27-29.10.2017 David Ehrbar (SF3) ETS - Vienna Medium Serpent
24-26.02.2017 David Ehrbar (SF3) ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich High Serpent
02-04.12.2016 David Ehrbar (SF2) ETS - Hrotovice High Serpent
26-27.11.2016 Patrick Jongenelis (SF2) International Open - MRCZ Medium P. Jongenelis
08.10.2016 Patrick Jongenelis (SF2) Beerse P. Jongenelis
15.11.2015 David Ehrbar (SF2) Pegasus Masters - Piding High Serpent
29.03.2015 Jochen Müller (SF2) TTT - Spiekeroog Medium Serpent
08.03.2015 Mark Green (SF2) BRCA - Swift Medium Serpent
04.01.2014 Mark Green SYR Low Serpent
01.01.2014 Mike McBride HangoverRace - The Gate Serpent
01-03.11.2013 Jan Asmer ETS - Hrotovice High Serpent
05-06.10.2013 Jan Larsen
Rasmus Tobias Callesen
DRCMU Rd1 - Randers Low-Medium Technical

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