Infinity has a pretty impressive team at the vent, including Dutchman and 2012 IFMAR World TC Champion Jilles Groskamp. For electronics Jilles is running the new Orion HMX speed control. He explained that this speed control is the first one build from the ground up in a new factory for Orion and has over a year and a half of testing and development with all new hardware and software. At this event, Jilles isn’t running any boost, but explained that on bigger tracks he will use it. He is using some electronic turbo timing, but it really only hits on the straight-away and is set to have no turbo delay and ramp up smoothly. The motor is an Orion VST2 4.5T with stock rotor (12mm). He prefers to use the 12mm instead of the 12.5mm and explained that although the 12.5 has stronger brakes, the bottom end is too powerful and spins wheels too easily. To help cool the motor, he uses Infinity’s new aluminum fan mount that mounts directly to the chassis. This eliminates the need to use any sort of tape or other mounting system. And the chassis is 2.25mm thick, but now has less cut- ins behind the battery area. Jilles explained that although the previous chassis had a deeper side cut and at times generated more traction, it was less consistent. Also, he is running Infinity’s new servo horn for the IF1, but for any brand touring car. This may seem a non-issue, but this aluminum servo horn uses an insert system that allows the user to adjust the height of the ballstud to fine-tune the way it works with the steering links. He’s also using the new Sanwa PGS-LH servo and explains that it can be programmed for different levels of torque and speed, but currently runs it in the default settings from the factory. At the back, Jilles runs the ARS (Active Rear Suspension). This system is something Jilles is currently using most of the time when running on asphalt and explains that it can be tuned to either increase or decrease toe by adding or subtracting shims. He’s fairly new to the system, but explains that he will be doing more testing in this area. Like many others, Jilles opts for the Protoform LTC-R Lightweight, but curiously uses the Protoform Speed 6 wing. He explains that this wing is slightly wider than others. The dampers on the car are Infinity, but he does use XRAY springs (he will sometimes use SMJ springs under certain conditions) along with progressive inserts and solid pistons. He feels they generate more traction when running on asphalt versus more tradition pistons with holes. His stick radio is a Sanwa EXZES ZZ and takes advantage of the new high-speed technology that is also incorporated in the Sanwa M12s pistol grip radio. To help with ergonomics, he attaches foam pieces to the sides with silicone so that his thumbs stay relaxed and comfortable.

Main Sponsors: Infinity, Orion, Sweep, Protoform, Sanwa, JG-Racing, SMJ

Transmitter: Sanwa EXZES ZZ
Speed Control: Orion HMX
Motor: Orion VST2 4.5T
Servo: Sanwa PGS-LH
Battery: Orion Carbon Pro 6000 2S LiPo
Body: Protoform LTC-R Lightweight
Wing: Protoform Speed 6