May you remember my setup from SIGP China. I picked up some of the ideas and tried it on the tracks over here with good result. It offer good grip and easy handling. Maybe to easy. Some may will feel to much understeering or push.
The cornerspeed seems not good sooo good, but at tight tracks its something you can overcome with harder driving :D
It require more tests also with different tires (Volante as example) on different tracks.
At least on lower grip tracks I felt an advantage over my high rc setups.

The Extra Long TL are connected directly to the bulkheads of the car. In this case you need to choose the right amount of shims for the rollcenters! On rear end you use the ballstuds to secure AM05C, and on the rear front side you use the ballstuds to screw the topdeck.
AM05C is about 1mm higher level than the Topdeck, so you need to use in RR 1mm less shims to have same rollcenter. On the front its similar.
FF ballstuds will be screwed directly in the bulkhead and the FR one into the topdeck instead of normal screws.
Here the level difference is 2mm because of the topdeck.
Please note this in case you want to try this toplinks!
I recommend to use AT25-2 Turnbuckles instead of AT14 for this long links!
(The risk of bending a bulkhead may is very high, as the link/leverage is longer! Take this into account and be warned!)


M. Machler