As the conditions were very challenging with low grip and no tire warmers allowed, i changed the setup every run to find more grip.
In the end i found a super good setup for the new Awesomatix A800MMX and had clearly the fastest and best car in the Boosted Stock class. I recommend to use this setup only at very low grip conditions as its very special to suite only this conditions.

Some areas are a bit "unusual" in the setup.
For example the extra long top links (marked in setupsheet with Extra Long TL) and C04M1+8.0 suspension arms in front instead of the +9.0.

The Extra Long TL were connected directly to the bulkheads of the car. In this case you need to check to choose the right amount of shims for the rollcenters! On rear end you use the ballstuds to secure AM05C rear body and on the rear front side you use the ballstuds to screw the topdeck.
The AM05C is about 1mm higher level than the Topdeck, so you need to use in RR 1mm less shims to have same rollcenter. On front its similar.
FF ballstuds will be screwed directly in the bulkhead and the FR one into the topdeck instead of normal screws.
Here the level difference is 2mm because of the topdeck.
Please note this in case you want to try this toplinks.
I recommend to use AT25-2 Turnbuckles instead of AT14 for this long links.
After changing to this links the car were a lot more stable on all parts of the track. Improved forward bite and noticable more grip overall. It lost a bit of response in fast direction changes, but the more bite was a bigger benefit.

Furthermore i changed the front suspension arms from +9 to +8 and narrowed the car by this. This helped to gain back some response and added more high speed steering.
Especially end of straight it was a big improvement in terms of overall steering and cornerspeed.

Powerwise i had the very best support from Jason He and Salton Dong. We worked out together an impressive fast setup with the new XR10 Pro G2 ESC and G3R 13,5T Motor.
As the traction was very low, i liked to use myself a small amount of "Softening" which made it more easy out of the corners.
As stock boosted has a bit different requirements we used the optional 7-12.2-DUSB Rotor for the G3R Motor.
With a top speed arround 96km/h at 6.0 Gear Ratio and 48deg timing we had a very efficient package.

Chassis – Awesomatix A800MMX
Motor – Hobbywing V10 G3R 13.5T
ESC – Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro
Battery – Sunpadow 6000mAh CS Platin
Tires (handout) – Sweep
Radio/Servos – Sanwa/MKS
Body – Zoo Racing DBX

Remarks – His first trip to China, ‘Mad’ Max Machler has brought with him the final stage pre-production version of the Awesomatix A800MMX. Its a new mid motor concept featuring a unique motor mount and top deck design that offers multiple setup possibilities and improved flex characteristics. Additionally it sports new upperlink holders as well as new damper holders for the front of the car. Max tells us that the steering has also been improved to have less play and simpler adjustment. To complete the package the German is running the 6000mAh CS battery from Sunpadow’s new high end Platin range.


M. Machler