TOS Bad Berneck setup

I started with my latest setup from Andernach as a base.
Following adjustments were done in order to adapt the setup to the tight layout of MCC Bad Berneck and the higher grip of the sugar water prepared asphalt:

  • 28deg steering lock instead of 25deg - Probably the biggest effect of all changes at this track. Helped to drive more sharp lines.
  • 1,75mm under top ST03 instead of 1,0mm - It reduced corner speed, which wasn't important at this track IMO, but added the needed initial bite into the corner which I was aiming for.
  • 3,2mm front spring setting instead of 4,0mm - Added more sharpness at corner entry which helped especially end of the back straight. At this track I felt that initial steering is the biggest advantage.
  • 1,2mm swaybar front instead of 1,1mm. - Kept the front tires cooler at the super hot and high grip conditions. Not a big change in feeling at the track, but more consistent lap times for 5min runtime.
  • Front 2,5deg camber and rear 2,25deg camber - More front camber generated more aggressive steering which resulted in more rotation as the rear end were close to break free.
  • ZooRacing BayBee Bodyshell instead of Wolverine - End of the back straight was the most tricky part of the track, as there was a bump right at the brake point and corner entry. With the BayBee bodyshell I had the most confidence to not loose the car. Basically the "neutral" handling and the length of the shell itself were the reason for my choice at this track.


M. Machler