Awesomatix A800MMX setup ETS ProStock Spec 2021

Finaly was able to test at Arena33 with full 2021 ETS Spec equipment. Tires, Bodyshell, ESC & Motor - all according the new rules.

Had a blast with the below shown setup. Great grip/bite combined with good steering and corner speed. Highly recommended as starting point with this components.

Please also note the new ZooRacing Wolverine bodyshell position which I found the best at the current track conditions. It's a bit an unusual "defensive" bodyshell position which I normally don't use, but the Wolverine has so much steering that its not really needed (on lower grip asphalt!) to shift it forward.

Also I preferred 0,7mm shell over the 0,5mm version! More stable an secure feeling. The 0,5mm was more twitchy and nimble, which will be good once grip is higher.


M. Machler