My setup from this past weekend ETS at Arena33 is attached below. It's very similar to my Austrian Champs setup with a few small improvements:

- Front lower rollcenters
--> raised them from 2.5-3.0 to 3.0-3.5.
Got more incorner bite and needed less steering lock to make the corners, which means more cornerspeed. Overall balance felt super great !

- Front toe-out
--> changed from 1.0deg per side to 1.2deg per side to calm down the car in straight line. Helped to calm it a bit down at corner entry. (0.2deg is super tiny change, please keep in mind :D)

- Gear Diff oil
--> went up to 10'000 oil in the diff to keep it more consistent for the full runtime.

- Rear bumpsteer shims
--> added 1mm to get 3.25mm total. More rotation and more cornerspeed.


M. Machler