The first AARCMCC title event of the year took place this weekend. The host club "ACTMCRC" made the choice to use sugar water on the track, and only one word came to mind with how it worked. "Amazing"!! It was a bit disappointing to see such low numbers for the event but it had to go on none the less.

The Awesomatix A800 worked flawlessly all weekend, I took the overall TQ winning 4-6 rounds.

Come finals it was clear how much faster the package was compared to the field, some 9 seconds back to second place. The win was wrapped up by the 2nd final. Together with setting new lap and track records the weekend was flawless.

I'd like to thank Awesomatix for their support, I'm totally blown away by the car. Looking forward to seeing the car perform on other tracks this year.


A. Ilievski