- Team Associated Factory Team F6 Formula 1 Build - Wings -

The Build – Part 6

One of the cool parts of the Team Associated F6 is the fact that it comes with its own set of front and rear wings; no using other companies wings to complete the car. On top of that, they're great looking, adjustable wings!

Build Notes:
  • Team Associated gave me one of their blinking brake lights to add to the build. This light fits into a hole at the base of the rear wing with a long lead that plugs into the receiver. I will be installing it at this time.
Step 1: The front wing comes in 3 pieces; attach the 2 inner winglets as shown.

Step 2: Attach the front body mount to the aluminum wing plate.

Step 3: Press the front wing plate into the recess in the wing and attach using the pair of 4x14mm screws. This is a nice, strong mounting system!

Step 4: Assemble the rear wing. I'm using the kit mounting locations.

I found it easiest to attach all the cross parts to one side of the wing (leaving the screws slightly less-than snug), then attach the second side of the wing. Tighten up all the screws.

Step 5: Optional step; this is a quick shot of the blinking brake light installed in the rear wing. I used a dab of Shoo Goo to keep it in place.

Step 6: Attach the rear wing assembly to the aluminum stand offs.

Wah lah. Wings attached and looking great!!!

Moving on to the final step - the electronics!

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