- Team Associated Factory Team F6 Formula 1 Build - Steering -

The Build - Part 3

The Team Associated F6 has 3 different steering options; 2 bellcrank setups (long and short) and a forward-servo system. The foward-servo system has been used by a lot of other manufacturers, the bellcrank setup is relatively new. For this build, I'll be going with the kit setup – the short bellcrank system.

Build Notes: None.

Step 1: Assemble the bellcrank arm. Press the 5×8 bearings into it as well, blue shield facing out (I've shown one in and one on the bellcrank post).

Step 2: Pop the assembled turnbuckles onto the bellcrank.

Step 3: Attach the assembly to the chassis.

Now, that sounds easy but this step will certainly test your patience. I mean really. If it's making you mental, you can remove the top plate to make it a little easier.

Once you've wrestled with that, pop the other ends of the turnbuckles in place.

Short, simple step. Time to move on to the rear suspension!

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