Saturday I got to head over to P&T Hobbies and Raceway to try out the new DTM Worlds car. I choose not to run the new harder arms due to it being a lower grip track but other than that the car is built to worlds spec unless noted in setup sheet.

The car was on point with the new geometry changes. My biggest struggle with the car has been it dumping on the rear end unevenly but the slightly wider pivot has seem to cure this.

This setup should work well at many of the lower grip surfaces and smaller tracks provided the tire is correct.

As usual AKA tires provided awesome grip. Ultrasoft listed on the setup sheet but i bounced between clay compound as well. Clay tires was just as fast but a bit harder to drive as they wasn't into the track as much. Maybe with different prep they would be better.

There has been alot of people put in tremendous effort P&T to make the facility better. If you haven't been back in the last 6 months or so you should check it out. Highly enjoyed the racing.