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SDX4 Evo - Manual Front Servo
SDX4 Evo - Description & Images
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SDX4 Evo - Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
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Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
01.09.2017 Billy Easton
Justin Fales
Beachline Astroturf Smooth Medium Serpent
26-27.08.2017 Simon Moss BRCA Nats - Stotfold Astroturf Rough High S. Moss
27.08.2017 Marius Kristensen Norway Astroturf High Serpent
16.12.2018 Tyler Miller (Evo) NIS - TRCR Hard Packed Medium-High T. Miller
22.02.2018 Justin Fales (Evo) Regionals - Miles Pond Hard Packed Smooth High Serpent
05-07.10.2017 Andrew Rizzo (Evo) INS - RCE Hard Packed Rough Medium A. Rizzo
11-18.11.2017 Billy Easton WC - Xiamen Hard Packed Smooth-Rough Medium-High Serpent
11-13.08.2017 Billy Easton ROAR Nats - Gaithersburg Hard Packed Smooth Medium Serpent
28.07.2017 Billy Easton Test - New Red Hobbies Hard Packed Smooth-Rought Medium-High Serpent
05.03.2017 Marcus Williams Jakes RC Pro AM - Beach RC Dirt/Blue Groove Smooth High M. Williams
March 2017 Griffin Hanna Palometto Classic - Beach RC Dirt/Blue Groove Rough Medium Serpent
18.02.2017 Trent Daggett Motorama Dirt Rough Low Serpent
04.02.2017 Justin Fales JC Race - Lake Park Clay Rough Low Serpent
03.12.2016 Trent Daggett Bump n Jumps Classic Dirt Rough` Low Serpent
July 2016 Jorn Neumann EC - Valladolid Dirt Smooth Medium Serpent
25.02.2018 Pontus Larsson WBC - Klippan Carpet Smooth High Serpent
26-28.01.2018 Billy Easton EOS - Daun Carpet Smooth High Serpent
05-07.01.2018 Pontus Larsson DHI - Odense Carpet Smooth High Serpent
07.12.2017 Tony Meintel Arcs Hobbies Clay Smooth Medium P.Ciccarello
26.11.2017 Pontus Larsson WBC - Karlskrona Carpet Smooth High Serpent
23.04.2017 Tony Evdoka Stotfold Astroturf Smooth High Serpent
17-19.03.2017 Jorn Neumann EOS - Arena33 Carpet Smooth High Serpent
19.02.2017 Marius Kristensen Winter Chal. - Bergen Carpet Smooth High Serpent
03-05.02.2017 Jorn Neumann
Marius Kristensen
EOS - Trencin Carpet Smooth High J. Neumann
29.01.2017 Jorn Neumann GP - Lyon Carpet Smooth High J. Neumann
29.01.2017 Jiri Mara Lestr Cup Carpet Smooth High Serpent
22.01.2017 Fred Vd Berg Training - Oss Astroturf Smooth High Serpent
17.01.2017 Tony Evdoka Maritime Astroturf Smooth High Serpent
10.01.2017 Tony Evdoka Maritime Astroturf Smooth High Serpent
06-08.01.2017 Jorn Neumann
Marius Kristensen
DHI - Odense Carpet Medium Serpent
03.01.2017 Tony Evdoka Maritime Astroturf Smooth High T. How
26-28.11.2016 Jorn Neumann EOS - Warsaw Carpet Smooth High Serpent
01.05.2016 Jorn Neumann EOS - Nurburging

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