Written by Chris Long for JE Spares

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1. Remove the differential from your model.

2. Disassemble your differential completely and place all the parts on your work surface ready for maintenance. In the photo you can see that we have used a pair of tweezers for removing the c-clip (model specific). These are modified tweezers that have been sharpened on the ends to fit into the c-clip holes and then bent slightly to reach inside the diff cup.

3. Clean all the parts of your differential. Wipe clean all oil, grease and dirt from the parts, a stiff brush comes in handy for the gear.

4. Once all of the parts have been cleaned, you can now begin rebuilding the differential. Follow your manual for the rebuild process as it varies from car to car. Tech Tip: On the Schumacher CAT SX, the 2 thrust washers on the diff screw are marginally different in size so check them with some calipers or an accurate measuring device.

Team Associated's Black Grease for thrust bearing

5. While rebuilding the diff, remember the modified tweezers tip we showed you earlier in the guide.

6. Team Associated's Stealth grease works well on the diff plates. Use a similar amount as shown in the photos below.

Team Associated's Stealth for diff plates

7. Once the diff has been assembled, you can use two tools as shown in the photo below to check the tightness of the differential by turning each driver in a different direction.

8. Re-install the differential into your car and you're done!