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Setups: Astroturf, Clay/Dirt, Grass, Indoor, Soft Dirt, Miscellaneous

Manual Source
RB7 Manual Kyosho
RB7 Exploded View
RB7 Parts List
RB7 - Details & Pictures
Anti Squat Chart J. Tebo
RB6/7 Battery Conversion Guide M. Headling
Blank Setup Sheet
RB7 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0

Base Setup
Zack Rogers Clay Starting Setup Kyosho
Andrew Rizzo Clay Starting Setup E. Albertoni
Michael Malott Medium Traction Bumpy Clay Starting Setup M. Malott
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
07.04.2019 Remy Bertrand
Sylvain Gallo-Selva
French Nats - Grenoble Astroturf Low (Wet)/High (Dry)
Low (Wet)
Bumpy-Smooth Kyosho
24.03.2019 Matthew Moore RHE Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy M. Moore
20.08.2018 Kohta Akimoto Herts Astroturf Medium Bumpy Kyosho
18.08.2018 Karl Marsden BRCA Nats - Boughton Astroturf Medium Bumpy K. Marsden
12.04.2019 Andrew Rizzo FTI - EN Hobby Blue Groove Medium Bumpy A. Rizzo
Mar. 2019 Andrew Rizzo Bumps & Jumps Clay High Smooth A. Rizzo
25-27.01.2019 CJ Jelin RROC - OCRC Clay High Smooth Kyosho USA
10-13.01.2019 Enzo Albertoni CRCRC Clay/Blue Groove Medium Bumpy-Smooth E. Albertoni
13.01.2019 Kohta Akimoto RC Maniax Arena Clay High Smooth Kyosho
05.01.2019 Michael Malott P&T Hobbies Clay Medium/font> Bumpy M. Malott
18.11.2018 Andrew Rizzo TAP Raceway - New Jersey Blue-Groove High Smooth E. Albertoni
25.11.2018 Simon Healy Vic State Titles - Knox Clay Medium Smooth S. Healy
18.11.2018 Enzo Albertoni Turkey Leg - Gaithersburg Blue-Groove Low-Medium Bumpy-Smooth E. Albertoni
14.10.2018 Simon Healy Coleman Cup - Mildura Clay Medium Bumpy S. Healy
07.10.2018 Enzo Albertoni Regionals - The Track Clay/Blue-Groove Low-Medium Bumpy-Smooth E. Albertoni
02.09.2018 Zack Rogers Surf City - OCRC Clay High Smooth Kyosho USA
01.09.2018 Kohta Akimoto Champ Stadium Clay Low Bumpy Kyosho
24.03.2019 Kohta Akimoto K Meet - OHM Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
16.03.2019 Karl Marsden Buggy Blitz - West Bridgeford Carpet High Smooth K. Marsden
09-10.03.2019 Remy Bertrand
Eddy Schaafs
Lilian Dolle
French Nats - Merlevenez Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
16.12.2018 Kohta Akimoto NRAC - North Gwanju Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
16.12.2018 Elliott Boots 1066 Hastings Carpet High Smooth E. Boots
01-02.12.2018 Kohta Akimoto
Yusuke Sugiura
JMRCA - Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
01.12.2018 Braxten Culley PCRC Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
16-18.11.2018 Zack Rogers IOCC - Las VEgas Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
06.10.2018 Braxten Culley Octoberfast - PCRC Carpet High G. Culley
09.09.2018 Kohta Akimoto Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
Soft Dirt

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