- Team Durango DEX210 - Nathans Waters - Winter Series - Silverstone - 09.02.2013 -

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Nathan Waters Wins At Silverstone DEX210 Top Performance

Saturday the 9th of February saw Team Durango racing star Nathan Waters take a convincing victory at the latest round of the Silverstone Model Car Club Winter Series. Hosted at the beautifully appointed Moulton College in Northampton UK, this fiercely contested series is popular with the regions top off-road racers. Nathan dominated 2WD throughout the meeting and was the first racer in attendance to post a hyper fast sub-twenty second lap on the interesting AstroTurf track. With fellow Team Durango team mates Ben Cosgrove and Stuart Styles also attending, the meeting was a fast and exciting clash of local Silverstone club members and dedicated regional racers.

Nathan was the racer to set the pace during the first round of qualifying with a ballistic quick first few laps. This set the tone for remainder of the meeting with Nathan not allowing the pressure from the likes of Kev Lee to rattle his A final pace. Ben Cosgrove was racing for the second time with his DEX210, and was finding his own fast pace in the top ten of the meeting from an early stage. Stuart Styles was driving the DEX210 for the first time after a break from 2WD , and he reported that his car was very safe to drive during the rough and tumble in the middle of the competitive field.

Ben Cosgrove on the pace during his second DEX210 outing. His famous 'Turbo Orange' body was bright!

Silverstone Model Car Club is a very unique organisation. They are fortunate enough to be regular users of the high quality Moulton College venue that hosted a 10th UK National event during 2012. The club is lovingly organised by a collection of dedicated racers who are not shy of hard work when it comes to providing racers with a top quality experience. Team Durango are always inspired by such clubs, and would like to extend their congratulations to all the racers who help create these professional meetings. The Silverstone tracks are always well created, and the meetings are so professional you would be forgiven for feeling you are racing at a National meeting at every event.

Stuart Styles pilots Chris Doughty colours while awaiting his new team bodyshell

Nathan Waters once again proved that the DEX210 is a consistently fast platform. His skill and determination really shone during a series that is widely regarded as a highlight in the local racing calendar. The Silverstone track surface is very high grip Astroturf with some areas of slippy vinyl. The DEX210 performed extremely well with several different set-up configurations. Nathan provided a wonderful performance, with his team mates also experiencing a great race meeting from their DEX210 vehicles.

With round six of this exciting series scheduled for the early weeks of March, Team Durango are looking forward to attending the final round with their DEX210 vehicles.