- Team Durango DEX210 - Craig Collinson - Generic Setup -

I seem to have found a generic set up for my 210 which works on nearly all tracks.
Now all i do is fine tune a few things, such as ride height and front camber links.

This is my generic set up:

Shocks = 3x1.6mm pistons, 35wt oil, dark blue spring. Middle hole on shock tower, outer hole on wishbone.
Caster = 30 degree (+5 insert)
axle = trailing (kit standard)
Camber link = outer hole on hub & outer hole shock tower for high grip. Inner hole on hub & inner hole on shock tower tower for low traction. 2mm washers under inner ball stud.
Ackerman = Middle hole.

Shocks = 4x1.6mm pistons, 30wt oil, light green springs. Middle hole on shock tower, middle hole on wishbone.
Toe in = 3 degree (0 degree inserts)
Anti-squat = 1.5
Camber links = 2mm washer under inner ball stud, 2nd from outer hole on hub.
Wheelbase = middle
Diff = geared diff with 1k oil on really high grip tracks (all carpet or astro), ball diff everywhere else.
Battery position = middle
Droop = maximum (wishbone screws all the way in)
The above hardly changes on any track. I only make very small changes depending what the car is doing on the day.

PDF File