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B74 Manual Associated
B74 Parts List
B74, Why? R. Munday
Tuning Tips
Shock Piston/Oil Quick Reference Chart R. Munday
92011 Arm Mount Inserts Pill Chart
B74 Features & Pictures
B74 Step-By-Step Build Ruddog Dist.
Blank Setup Sheet
B74 - Editable Setup Sheet
Tips & Tricks
B74 Electronics Setups
Tapered & Flat Piston Differences
JConcepts Steering Upgrade
Weight Reduction R. Munday
Ray Munday Review
Spencer Rivkin Tips & Tricks
Base Setup
B74 Kit Setup
Mark Redmond B74 Carpet Starting Setup (Low & High Traction) M. Redmond
Blake Champlin B74 Base Carpet Setup M. Redmond
Kurt Wenger Base Setup Associated

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
13.07.2020 Alexander Landen Test - Jonsered Astroturf Very High A. Landen
12.07.2020 Charlie Saunders Telford Astroturf Medium Bumpy N. Saunders
22.06.2020 Roger Mills Test - Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Medium-High CML
04.02.2020 Tyler Davis (13.5) Larry Perf. RC Astroturf High Smooth T. Davis
03-04.08.2019 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - Boughton Astroturf Low CML
04.06.2019 Peter Stein Norway Nats - Mara Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy P. Stein
29-30.06.2019 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - TORCH Carpet Medium CML
16.06.2019 Edward Callen Batley Astroturf Medium Bumpy CML
08-09.06.2019 Clement Boda French Nats - Dammartin Astroturf High C. Boda
17-19.05.2019 Joona Haatanen EOS - Arena 33 Astroturf Low Bumpy Associated
11-12.05.2019 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf High Bumpy Associated
26.07.2020 William Bennett (13.5) TRCR Hard Packed Medium-High Bumpy Spectacke Eng.
07-09.02.2020 Lachlan Munday
Lachlan Donnelly
Paul Masson (13.5)
Keilor Invitational Hard Packed Medium
R. Munday
10-12.01.2020 Spencer Rivkin MidWest Champ - CRCRC Dirt Associated
27.12.2019 Lachlan Munday Test - Keilor Dirt Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
10.11.2019 Doug Lariviere AE Race - Trackside Hard Packed High Smooth Associated
28-29.09.2019 Doug Lariviere Top Gun - NorCal Hard Packed High Bumpy D. Lariviere
03-04.08.2019 Ray Munday Vic Champs - Wodonga Hard Packed Low-Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
22-26.07.2019 Joona Haatanen EC - Pinerolo Dirt Associated
14.07.2019 Spencer Rivkin INS - Hobby Action Dirt High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
July 2019 Spencer Rivkin Test - Hobby Action Dirt High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
05.07.2019 Jesse Granat (13.5) Road Runners RC Dirt Medium J. Granat
06-07.07.2019 Ray/Lachlan Munday Shepparton Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved-Smooth R. Munday
19.06.2019 Jesse Granat Road Runners RC Dirt Medium Bumpy J. Granat
09.06.2019 Karri Salmela Vaasa Dirt Low-Medium Grooved-Smooth K. Salmela
31.05.2019 Jesse Granat Road Runners RC Dirt Medium Bumpy J. Granat
19.05.2019 Dustin Evans INS - TRCR Hard Packed High Smooth Associated
19.07.2020 Jared Phair Cruzin W RC Astroturf High-Very High Bumpy J. Phair
01.03.2020 Ryan Reavis NorthWest Hobbies Carpet High-Very High Smooth Vision Eng.
08.02.2020 Blake Champlin Las Vegas Carpet High Smooth Associated
18.01.2020 Charles Krontiris Buggy Blitz - West Bridgeford Carpet High-Very High C. Krontiris
03-04.01.2020 Clement Boda
Florent Gallot
Charleroi Carpet Medium C. Boda
F. Gallot
22.12.2019 Mark Redmond WS - Chadderton Carpet High-Very High M. Redmond
23-24.11.2019 Clement Boda Champs Cup - Colombier-Saugnier Carpet Medium CML
10.11.2019 Ryan Clarke NEAM Carpet High CML
27.10.2019 Broc Champlin INS - Thunder Road Carpet Medium Smooth Associated
23-24.10.2019 Daniel Pole Falkirk Carpet Medium Smooth CML
02.06.2019 Steve Charles Cruizin w RC Astroturf S. Charles
12-14.04.2019 Broc Champlain
Dustin Evans
INS - Albany Carpet Very High Smooth Associated
24.03.2019 Broc Champlain INS - Las Vegas Carpet Very High Smooth Associated
Soft Dirt

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