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Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
21-22.06.2019 Joona Haatanen EOS - Steyregg Astroturf
08-09.06.2019 Clement Boda French Nats - Dammartin Astroturf High C. Boda
05.05.2019 Marcus Kaerup Danish Nats - Odense Astroturf High Bumpy J. Kaerup
07.04.2019 Jamie Hall SS - Kidderminster Astroturf Medium) Bumpy CML
17.03.2019 Jamie Hall (D) MAM - Kidderminster Astroturf Low (Wet) Bumpy CML
03.03.2019 Russell Lee
Connor Cocker
Test - RHR Astroturf Low (Damp/Wet) Bumpy CML
19.02.2019 Connor Cocker Kidderminster CML
16.02.2019 Dimitri Condax (17.5) Maximus RC - York Astroturf Low-Medium Smooth D. Condax
07-09.09.2018 Spencer Rivkin
Jason Ruona
INS - RC Madness Astroturf
01.09.2018 AJ Marasco (17.5) Beachline Astroturf High Bumpy JConcepts
25-26.08.2018 Charles Krontiris Invernational - RHR Astroturf Bumpy C. Krontiris
07-08.07.2018 Joona Haatanen
Karri Salmela
Finnish Nats - Vantaa Astroturf Bumpy Medium J. Haatanen
K. Salmela
23-24.06.2018 Shaun Thompson BRCA Nats - Broxtowe Astroturf Medium Bumpy S. Thompson
May 2018 Roger Mills Test - RHR Astroturf Low (Wet) CML
20-22.04.2018 Neil Cragg EOS - Arena33 Astroturf C. Drescher
22.04.2018 Roger Mills Regionals - Kidderminster Astroturf Medium & High R. Mills
22.04.2018 Arjan Van De Graaf Shakedown - Kampenhout Astroturf Medium A. Van De Graaf
14-15.04.2018 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf Medium-High C. Drescher
15.04.2018 Roger Mills MSS - Kidderminster Astroturf Low & High Dry & Wet R. Mills
Clay/Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
14.07.2019 Spencer Rivkin INS - Hobby Action Dirt High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
06-07.07.2019 Ray/Lachlan Munday (D) Shepparton Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved-Smooth R. Munday
Feb. 2019 Lachlan Donnelly (D) Keilor Internats Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved C. Donnelly
10.02.2019 Dimitri Condax (D) CDH - Trois Rivieres Clay Medium Grooved-Smooth D. Condax
10.02.2019 Ray Munday (D) Keilor Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
03.02.2019 Dimitri Condax (D) St Polycarpe Dirt Low Bumpy D. Condax
25-27.01.2019 Jared Tebo (D)
Dustin Evans (D)
Chris Sturdy (D)
Clement Boda (D)
RROC - OCRC Hard Packed Medium J. Tebo
10-13.01.2019 Spencer Rivkin (D)
Dreighton Stoub (D)
Mid-West Champs - CRCRC Hard Packed High Associated
05.01.2019 Ray Munday (D) Shepparton Summer Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
29.12.2018 Ray Munday (D) Test - Keilor Hard Packed Low Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
02.12.2018 Matthew Gonzales (D) SDRC Hard Packed Very High M. Gonzales
11.11.2018 Tom Shields (D) Hobby Action Hard Packed Very High Bumpy-Grooved T. Shields
11.11.2018 Tom Rinderknecht (D) JC INV - Fastlane Hard Packed High Bumpy T. Rinderknecht
20.10.2018 Matthew Gonzales (D) SDRC Clay Medium-High M. Gonzales
07.10.2018 Chris Sturdy (D) Oz Nats - Adelaide Hard Packed Low-Medium Bumpy-Grooved-Smooth C. Sturdy
15-16.09.2018 Chris Sturdy (D) NSW State Titles - Glen Innes Hard Packed Low to High Bumpy C. Sturdy
01-02.09.2018 Matthew Gonzales (D) Surf City - OCRC Hard Packed High Bumpy-Grooved M. Gonzales
25-26.08.2018 Ray Munday (D) Pelistena Cup - Keilor Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
17-19.08.2018 Spencer Rivkin (D) ROAR Nats - Hobby Action
05.08.2018 Matt Kellett (D/17.5) Castle Hill STruck/Stock Classic Dirt Low-Medium Bumpy-Grooved M. Kellett
23-28.07.2018 Joona Haatanen (D)
Neil Cragg (D)
Davide Ongaro (D)
Clement Boda (D)
EC - Reims Hard Packed Low Smooth Associated
15.07.2018 Brent Thielke (D) INS - Hobby Action Hard Packed Very High Grooved-Smooth B. Thielke
14.07.2018 Ray Munday (D) Test - Knox Hard Packed Medium-High Grooved-Smooth R. Munday
28.06.2018 Kurt Wenger (D/17.5) OCRC Dirt High Grooved K. Wenger
10.06.2018 Matthew Gonzales (D) Base Setup - SDRC M. Gonzales
10.06.2018 Ray Munday (D) Mallee Madness - Mildura Hard Packed Medium Very Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
03.06.2018 Karri Salmela (D) Test - Vaasa Dirt Low-Medium Smooth K. Salmela
26-27.05.2018 Chris Sturdy (D) NZ Nats - Hawera Hard Packed Low Bumpy C. Sturdy
28-29.04.2018 Spencer Rivkin (D/17.5)
Chad Ordog (D/17.5)
Stock Nats - OCRC Hard Packed High Grooved-Smooth C. Ordog
21 & 25.04.2018 Ray Munday (D) Test - Keilor Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
19.04.2018 Brent Thielke (D) OCRC Hard Packed High Bumpy Associated
18.04.2018 Robert Blake (D) OCRC K. Wenger
15.04.2018 Dustin Evans (D) April Fool - IRCR Hard Packed High-Very High Grooved Associated
12-14.04.2018 Ray Munday (D) SA Titles - Adelaide Clay Medium Grooved-Smooth R. Munday
04.04.2018 Kurt Wenger (D/17.5) OCRC K. Wenger
28.03.2018 Steven Hartson (D) OCRC Hard Packed High Bumpy Associated
02-04.03.2018 Spencer Rivkin (D)
Brent Thielke (D)
Desert Classic Dirt Very High Grooved-Smooth Associated
16-18.02.2018 Dustin Evans (D) Motorama Dirt Low Bumpy Associated
10-11.02.2018 Spencer Rivkin (D)
Brent Thielke (D)
INS - Smactrac Hard Packed Medium-High Grooved-Smooth Associated
Grass Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
May 2019 Duncan Pole (D) Stonehaven Grass Low-Medium Bumpy D. Pole
Indoor Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
04-05.05.2019 John Prickett
Daniel Chavez (17.5)
Supercup - Beachline Astroturf High Bumpy J. Prickett
D. Chavez
14.04.2019 Brent Thielke INS - Albany Carpet High Smooth B. Thielke
23-24.03.2019 Antoine Rossetti
Clement Boda
Russell Lee (13.5)
CML - Louvres Carpet High R. Lee
10.03.2019 Roger Mills WS - Dudley Carpet Medium Bumpy CML
03.03.2019 Jamie Hall
Tommie Hall
WS - Junction16 Carpet High CML
24.02.2019 Russell Lee WS - Silverstone Carpet High Smooth R. Lee
24.02.2019 Edward Callan NEAM Carpet High-Very High Smooth CML
17.02.2019 Neil Cragg SIM - Worksop Cork Floor/Carpet Medium-High CML
27.01.2019 Peter Stein Bergan Carpet Medium-High Smooth P. Stein
19.01.2019 Wilhelm Skjoldebrand Vasterost Carpet High-Very High Netto RC
11-13.01.2019 Karri Salmela DHI Cup - Odense Carpet High K. Salmela
11-13.01.2019 Neil Cragg MKGP Carpet
16.12.2018 Julien Parnot Xmas Race - Dammartin Astroturf/Carpet Medium Smooth J. Parnot
09.12.2018 Ritchie T WS - D-udley Carpet Medium CML
23-25.11.2018 Broc Champlin
Brent Thielke
TJ Bradley
Sven Rudig
IOCC - Las Vegas Carpet High Smooth S. Rudig
25.11.2018 Karri Salmela Turku Low K. Salmela
17-18.11.2018 Clement Boda Louvres High C. Boda
28.10.2018 Adam Skelding Manor RC Carpet High CML
16.10.2018 Howard Cho JTFC - Alliance Astroturf Medium H. Cho
10.10.2018 Karri Salmela Practice - Hakkola Astroturf Medium-High K. Salmela
14-16.09.2018 Joona Haatanen
Neil Cragg
EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth
06.09.2018 Russell Lee Midlands Raceway Carpet High Smooth R. Lee
19.08.2018 Lachlan Donnelly Tasmanian State Title - Launceston Carpet High-Very High Bumpy C. Donnelly
04.08.2018 Steve Burgess SS - Ricochet RC Carpet High S. Burgess
05-06.05.2018 Patrick Hofer Swiss Nats - Islkon Carpet Low Smooth P. Hofer
21-22.04.2018 Spencer Rivkin NW Hobbies - Albany Carpet High-Very High Smooth S. Rivkin
14.04.2018 Neil Cragg Apex Raceway Carpet High Smooth I. Osborne
23-25.03.2018 Neil Cragg EOS - Wels Carpet High Smooth Associated
18.03.2018 Brent Thielke EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth Associated
23-25.02.2018 Neil Cragg EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth CML
Soft Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
Miscellaneous Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source

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