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B44.3 - Manual Associated
B44.3 - Parts list
B44.3 -Features, Specifications & Pictures
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Springs Chart Arn0
AE Damper Chart Ray Munday
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Carbon Fibre main chassis and AVID balance weight set XFactory UK
Review RCCA
Blank Setup Sheet
B44.3 - Editable Setup Sheet
B44.3 - Notes
Base Setup
B44.3 Team Setup Associated
Tips & Tricks
Team AE Tech Tips & Tricks Associated
Build by Tony Phalen
Build by Chilly (Jconcepts)
Electronics Setup
How to build a diff tool
Trouble Shooting Droop and CVA plunge
JConcepts Aluminium Steering Bellcrank Assembly
Servo switched, improve side balance

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
10-11.09.2016 Julien Parnot French Nats - Vierzon Astroturf Bumpy Medium J. Parnot
06.03.2016 Kazuki Sasatsu Yatabe Arena Astroturf Smooth High Granslos
09.08.2015 Kazuki Sasatsu Fujimo RC Dirt Bumpy Low Granslos Jesper Rasmussen Danish Nats - Odense Carpet Bumpy Medium-High J. Rasmussen
07-08.05.2016 Julien Parnot French Nats - Mutzig Astroturf Bumpy Very High J. Parnot
05.07.2015 Jesper Rasmussen Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Bumpy High/Very High J. Rasmussen
21.06.2015 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Odense Astroturf Low - Very High J. Rasmussen
06.06.2015 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Hobro Carpet Low-Medium J. Rasmussen
31.05.2015 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Viborg Carpet J. Rasmussen
03.05.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Kongen Carpet Smooth Low
19.04.2014 Gareth Hill NW Regional - Bury Metro Astroturf/Sandy Bumpy High G. Hill
06.04.2014 Andreas Desmedt WORC Astroturf Little bumpy High CML
01.03.2015 Tom Yardy (FL) Telford & Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Bumpy Medium-High CML Distribution
29.11.2014 Greg Williams WS - Herts Astroturf Wet Low-Medium CML
18-22.01.2017 Broc Champlin Reedy Race - OCRC Hard Packed Smooth Medium Associated
15.01.2017 Ray Munday Keilor Invitational Blue Groove Bumpy Medium R. Munday
04.09.2016 Ray Munday Vic Title - Keilor Clay Bumpy Medium R. Munday
07.02.2016 Brent Thielke JC Series - Smactrac Clay Smooth Medium Associated
21-24.01.2016 Cole Tollard RRoC - OCRC
06-09.08.2015 Ryan Cavalieri ROAR Nats - SRS Raceway Top Soil Smooth High Associated
06-08.08.2015 Neil Cragg EC - RHR Dirt Dirt Smooth Low
09.08.2015 Kazuki Sasatsu Fujimo RC Dirt Bumpy Low Granslos
12.07.2015 Kamryn Ayers JC Summer - Outback Raceway Clay Smooth High Associated
19.04.2015 Rob Gillespie April Fool - IRCR Clay Smooth Medium-High Associated
15.03.2015 Ryan Cavalieri Cactus Classic - SRS Raceway Top Soil Smooth High Associated
08.02.2015 Michael Schoettler JCWS - SmacTrac Top Soil Bumpy-Smooth Medium Associated
21-25.01.2015 Ryan Cavalieri Reedy Race - OCRC Clay Associated
13.01.2015 Wayne Schroeder Fastlane Raceway Hard Packed Bumpy-Smooth Medium RC Tech
11.01.2015 Ryan Cavalieri Mid-West Champs - CRCRC Clay Bumpy-Smooth Medium-High Associated
07.12.2014 Wayne Schroeder Fastlane Raceway Hard Packed Bumpy-Smooth Low-Medium RC Tech
30.11.2014 Ray Munday Victorian Titles - Knox Hard Packed Grooved Medium-High Keilor RC
09.11.2014 Ryan Cavalieri Spektrum Champs - Trackside Dirt Bumpy High Associated
05.10.2014 Michael Schoettler NW Gold Cup - Tacoma Hard Pack Clay Smooth Medium-High Associated
19-24.08.2014 Ryan Cavalieri
Daimon Borkowicz
ROAR Nats - Space Coast RC Clay Grooved Medium-High Associated
15.08.2014 Steven Hartson OCRC
Spring 2015 Tom Yardy Regional - Hinckley Worn Grass Bumpy High CML Distribution
29-31.01.2016 Neil Cragg EOS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Carpet HRC Dist.
22.11.2015 Nico Schmid MRTO Chal. - Altnau Carpet High HRC Dist.
18.10.2015 Nico Schmid Swiss Champs - Schoftland Carpet High-Low HRC Dist.
15-17.05.2015 Ryan Cavalieri EOS - Trensin Carpet Smooth High Associated
31.01.2015 Kazuki Sasatsu Yatabe Arena Astroturf K. Sasatsu
30.01.2015 Gareth Hill Winter Champs - Layland Carpet/Slippery Floor Medium-High J. Rasmussen
18.01.2015 Patrick Hofer Arbon GP Carpet Smooth Low HRC Dist.
09-11.01.2015 Jesper Rasmussen DHI Cup - Odense Carpet High J. Rasmussen
03-04.01.2015 Patrick Hofer Winterchamp - Hohenems Astroturf High/Very High P. Hofer
16.11.2014 Greg Williams Worksop Cork Floor Smooth Medium CML
02.11.2014 Craig Drescher
Matthieu Chaffardon
CML Masters - Louvres Carpet Smooth
18-19.10.2014 Patrick Hofer Leonberg Indoor Carpet Smooth Medium P. Hofer
Soft Dirt

Created: 2014-07-15