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12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Associated
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Springs Chart Arn0
AE "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
AE Damper Chart Ray Munday
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
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Blank Setup Sheet
B44.2 -Editable Setup Sheet
Standard Setup
B44.2 Team Setup Associated
Brent Thielke - General Standard Setup Associated
Richard Lowe - Indoor Setup (Polished Floor/Carpet) oOple
Ray Munday - B44.2 Setup Chart (updated Jan 2014) Ray Munday

Electronics Setup
Gareth Hill's car
Rigor's car
TheBomber's car
Electronics Setup

Tips & Tricks
Team AE Tech Tips & Tricks Associated
Build Advice
Transmission Tips
UN4RACING Electronics Setup & Tips
How to build a diff tool
Trouble Shooting Droop and CVA plunge
JConcepts Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Assembly

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
06-07.09.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Odense Astroturf High Bumpy J. Rasmussen
23-24.08.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Sommersted Carpet Low, wet Smooth J. Rasmussen
08-09.08.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Viborg Carpet Medium, wet Bumpy J. Rasmussen
03.08.2014 Gareth Hill 4wd Champs - Southport Astroturf High, Wet (all day) Bumpy G. Hill
20.07.2014 Gareth Hill Bury Metro Astroturf High Bumpy G. Hill
July 2014 Tom Yardy Regionals - Oswestry Astroturf Medium Bumpy CML Dist.
04-06.07.2014 Jesper Rasmussen Belgian GP - Kampenhout Astroturf High/Low Smooth J. Rasmussen
06.07.2014 Gareth Hill Regionals - Pendal Astroturf High Bumpy G. Hill
29.06.2014 Gareth Hill 4wd Champs - Southport Astroturf, Tarmac, cobbles Very High Bumpy, Dry G. Hill
28.06.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Black Hill Hobro Carpet Bumpy Low, Wet J. Rasmussen
15.06.2014 Gareth Hill Regionals - Southport Astroturf, Tarmac, cobbles Very High Bumpy, Dry G. Hill
15.06.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Sommersted Carpet Smooth-Bumpy Medium-High J. Rasmussen
01.06.2014 Gareth Hill Southport Astroturf, Tarmac, cobbles Very High Bumpy, Dry G. Hill
10.05.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DRCMU - Viborg Carpet Bumpy Low-High J. Rasmussen
30.03.2014 Ben Jemison Spring Cup - RHR Astroturf Medium Smooth B. Jemison
14.07.2013 Gareth Hill Regional - Bury Metro Astroturf High Bumpy, Dry G. Hill
05.05.2013 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf High Bumpy CML Distribution
17.03.2013 Neil Cragg Kidderminster Astroturf/Tarmac Medium-Low Bumpy, Wet-Greasy CML Distribution
13.01.2013 Tom Yardy Astroturf Medium-Low Wet, bumpy CML Distribution
Blue Groove
11.08.2013 Ray Munday Keilor Cup - ORRCA Grooved Medium Smooth
15-17.03.2013 Ryan Mayfield Cactus Classic - SRS Clay/Blue Groove High Smooth Associated
19-24.08.2014 Kurt Wenger ROAR Nats - SCRC Clay Bumpy High K. Wenger
14-19.07.2014 Jesper Rasmussen European Champs - Trelleborg Clay/Blue Groove Bumpy-Smooth Low J. Rasmussen
11-13.07.2014 Kurt Wenger Jconcept Nats - Chico Clay SmoothBumpy High K. Wenger
29.06.2014 Kurt Wenger Top Gun - SDRC Dirt Bumpy Medium-High K. Wenger
08.06.2014 Jesper Rasmussen EC Warm-up - Trelleborg Indoor Clay/BlueGroove Smooth Low J. Rasmussen
25.05.2014 Chris Bridgewater NCT Rd2 - Spokane Dirt, Hard Packed Bumpy Medium-High 2wdmod
11.05.2014 Eric Kristianto Jaben Fun Race - Jattibening Dirt Bumpy Medium-Low E. Kristianto
06.04.2014 Steven Hartson April Fool - IRCR Clay Smooth Medium-High Associated
11-16.03.2014 Ryan Cavalieri
Ryan Maifield
Cactus Classic Clay Smooth High Associated
12.01.2014 Ryan Maifield MW Champs - CRCRC Clay Medium-High Smooth-Bumpy Associated
26-29.09.2013 Steven Hartson
Eric Deschenes
World Champs - Chico Clay w sugar High Smooth Associated
17-18.08.2013 Patrick Hofer Swiss Nats - Dielsdorf Dirt Medium Bumpy Proline
25.04.2013 Patrick Hofer Training - Hohenems Dirt Medium Smooth HRC Distribution
13-14.04.2013 Yannick Aigoin French Nats - LVDM Dirt Medium Smooth Yannick Aigoin
17.02.2013 Wayne Schroeder Fastlane Raceway Packed Top Soil Medium Smooth Pro Table
24-27.01.2013 Neil Cragg
Ryan Cavalieri
Steven Hartson
Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth Associated
13.01.2013 Ryan Cavalieri Mid West Champs - CRCRC Clay High Smooth-Bumpy Associated
06.01.2013 Ryan Maifield
Steven Hartson
KO GP - WCRC Clay Medium-High
Jan. 2013 Wayne Schroeder Fastlane Raceway Dirt Low to Medium RC Tech
Jan. 2013 UN4RACING Fastlane Raceway Packed top soil High Smooth Heart Land RC
03-04.11.2012 Steven Hartson JConcepts Indoor National Series - Orcala Clay / Blue Groove High Smooth Associated
04.11.2012 Kody Numedahl Spektrum Off-Rad Champs - Trackside Clay Low-Medium Smooth Associated
17.08.2013 Gareth Hill South Lakes Grass/Dirt High/Low Bumpy, wet G. Hill
14-15.06.2014 Ludovic Valtier French Nats - Montigny Grass Bumpy Medium S. Mure
28.04.2013 Gareth Hill Southport Grass Medium Smooth, wet G. Hill
21.04.2013 Gareth Hill NW Regionals - Barrow Grass Medium Bumpy, wet G. Hill
16.02.2014 Ludovic Valtier Regional - Dammartin Gym Floor Low Bumpy L. Valtier
11-12.01.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Medium J. Rasmussen
01.12.2013 Patrick Hofer MRTO Challenge Carpet High Associated
Nov. 2013 Jonas Kaerup ORCM Carpet High Smooth Associated
09.11.2013 Arnaud Buffat SIORC - Grand Saconnex Carpet Medium Smooth HRC Distribution
20.10.2013 Ben Jemison Worksop Indoor Carpet High Smooth CML Distribution
13-14.04.2013 Ryan Cavalieri EOS - Dortmund Carpet High Smooth Associated
12.01.2013 Arnaud Buffat SIORC Rd3 - Grand Saconnex Carpet Medium Smooth HRC Distribution
28.12.2012 Benoit Ily Nantes Carpet B. Ily
Soft Dirt

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