- Serpent S411 2.0 - Gary Lanzer - WCIC - Moose Jaw - 08-10.03.2013 -

I was at the WCIC series race in Moose Jaw last weekend. Ran 3 classes and was really happy with all three cars, luck, not so much, but the cars worked very well. The qualifying was very close, and I wasn't able to make the A in the stock or mod finals, but had some really fun tight races in the B mains. The stock 17.5 setup is for the ERYX, the other two are on the TE cars, but there are more blanks to fill on the 2.0 sheet, so that is what I used. I also checked the track as a high traction track as I felt that by the end of the weekend the traction was pretty high. Although I did not compensate for this at the start of the weekend, just fine tuned the roll centers and worked on the driving.

Stock (17.5)


G. Lanzer