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Manual Credit
OE1 - Manual ORCA
Blank Setup Sheet
OE1 - Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
OE1 - Editable Setup Sheet A. Myberg
Tips & Tricks

Date Driver Vehicle Track Composition Traction Credit
2019.05.10-12 Tim Wahl TC ETS - Wiener-Neudorf Asphalt Medium T. Wahl
2019.04.20-21 Manu Wagner (13.5) TC French Nats - Longvic Asphalt Medium M. Wagner
2019.04.20-21 Akio Sobue TC Sodegaura Asphalt Medium A. Sobue
2019.04.05-07 Tim Wahl
Jilles Groskamp
TC ETS - Madrid Aspahlt Low-Medium A. Myberg
2019.04.05-07 Mathieu Briere 2wd/4wd French Nats - Grenoble Astroturf Low M. Wagner
2019.03.31 Tim Wahl
Dionys Stadler
TC Singen Carpet Medium A. Myberg
2019.03.23-24 Florent Gallot 2wd/4wd Louvres Carpet High M. Wagner
2019.03.24 Tim Wahl TC Ettlingen Carpet High A. Myberg
2019.03.03 Tim Wahl
Dionys Stadler
TC Piding Carpet High A. Myberg
2019.03.03 Akio Sobue TC TITC Aspahlt High A. Sobue

Arn0 - 2019-03-07