- Team Associated TC6 - GridRC Servo Mount -

After testing both mounting positions on the TC6 we have found no difference in performance. Both methods float the servo, connect to the steering bellcrank at 90 degrees. The WC kit still has the stock servo mounts.

Sideways mounting the servo give more space only if you run a low profile servo.

All the settings and tuning you do to the TC6 is of no benefit if the chassis won't respond to it. The two heaviest components, servo and battery needs to float.

We already showed racers how to float the Lipo battery. Read here more about that.

The floating servo mount we made is a direct mount and if you do these two things to the servo and battery, you will notice big handling performance. Also lock the servo saver further.

We have talked to several racers and they did tell us drilling holes, and then have to countersink them to use a sideways mount (by-passes stock servo saver and requires a servo saver on servo) and in the end not gain more performance over the floating stock orientation would not be the way to go.

Thus we came out with our mount. It is low cost and takes minutes to install. The battery mod also takes minutes and is free.