- Team Associated TC6 - Flex under LiPo battery -

When you strap a Lipo battery onto the chassis, the heavy weight of the Lipo prevents the chassis from flexing freely.

After continuous testing, we found a simple FREE way of giving the chassis under the Lipo all the flex available to it.

In the picture you will see a center strip (main Lipo support) of electrical tape and small electrical squares on the inner corner (flex zone). As the chassis twists, the chassis area at the outer ends just below the Lipo does all the movement.

The layers of tape will determine how much flex you will allow the chassis. We recommend 3 to 5 layers. The more layers you use, the higher the battery but the more flex it will allow the chassis to handle. If the track is long sweep and large turns, then up to 3 layers. If the track is tight and technical then 4 to 5 layers.

After doing this simple FREE mod, your TC6 will drive so much better. Give it a try, it's FREE.