- ARC R10 2013 - Malc Hall - HRCC - 08.11.2013 -

Ran the ARC with a totally different setup on last night that David Spashett asked me to try , and OMG it was stunning to say the least.
The car had everthing you want from the ARC, turn in, and drive out of the corner.
I was told that the car may have a tad of oversteer, so l played it safe for the first quali and put the Speedd 6 shell on, and managed 0.21 between best lap and average lap.
In round 2 l put the TSX shell on and did an average of 0.20 a lap
In the final l was asked to give the car antidive on the front from 2mm to 1.8mm, which l knew would give a tad of understeer, which it did, but was still very driverble, and won the final by 4+ seconds
You guys that run on carpet really need to try this setup, as l have never driven a car with this much responce, and is easy to drive, but super quick.
Thanks David Spashett

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M. Hall