- Team Xray XB4 - Tech Tips -

Shock towers
There are some customers who use optional thicker or aluminum shock towers. Please note that the 3mm shock towers are used intentionally as they allow stress and energy to be absorbed up to a certain level. When using thicker or aluminum shock towers the stress and energy will be transferred to other components of the car and something else may break, usually the bulkhead.

Slipper clutch adjustment
To have a proper slipper clutch adjustment is extremely important for the gear diffs. Make sure your slipper clutch is set loose enough that the slipper can slip. If you lock the slipper clutch, something on your car may break, either the motor, drive shaft or usually the diff outer or internal gears.

Proper amount of oil in the diffs
Please be very careful to properly fill your differentials as per the instruction manual. Use a digital scale to measure the exact amount of oil into the diff. Remember that during operation the diff gets hotter and the heat may allow the oil to expand. If there is too much oil inside it may interfere with the diff operation and damage the internal gears.

To ensure you have the same amount of oil from rebuild to rebuild, do the following:

Top deck modification
To accommodate the new V2 improved front bulkhead you may need to remove a small amount of material from the front of the top deck, approximately 1.5mm, to allow the top deck to fit.

Shock tower protection
Please follow the instruction manual and seal the edges of the shock towers with CA to reinforce them and help prevent delamination.

Drive shaft cover caps
Please follow the instruction manual and lubricate the drive shaft connecting joint properly so the drive shaft turns freely. In the event that not enough grease is used, the connecting pin may lock and may even, in extreme situations, push through the drive shaft cover cap.