- Team Xray XB4 2014 -

The new composite chassis frame has a split design with a separate front part and rear chassis plate. The split design allows the entire rear suspension to be mounted in either standard position using the rear chassis plate, or to be placed lower by mounting the rear suspension directly to the aluminum chassis. The direct mounting of the rear suspension increases traction and is recommended for low-traction tracks.

Mounting the rear suspension directly to the chassis requires optional rear suspension holders 363311 & 363321. The split chassis is compatible with both XB4 & XB4 2WD.

The rear of the chassis features positions for additional optional weights which allow for quick and easy weight balance adjustment.

Suspension Arms.
All-new arms feature the innovative SFA™ (Suspension Flex Adjustment). Whether you are racing in low- or high-traction track conditions, you can easily adjust the flex of the arms by quickly and easily adding optional graphite stiffeners which change the stiffness of the suspension. The new arms include 4 holes where the optional graphite stiffeners are mounted, and the areas around the holes are strengthened for maximum durability.

SFA Graphite Stiffeners.
All-new innovative and unique SFA graphite stiffeners allow for super-quick suspension flex adjustment to easily adjust the traction of the car in various track conditions.

Whether you drive in low- or high-traction conditions, with the smart graphite stiffeners you can very quickly and easily adjust your car to suit current conditions. At the beginning of a race event when traction is low, the arms are used without the SFA graphite stiffeners. As traction increases, the suspension can easily be made stiffer by mounting the SFA graphite stiffeners for more stability and easier driving characteristics. The graphite stiffeners give the car maximum stability in chicanes and allow for easier and smoother steering.

Made from 1.6mm thick high-quality CNC-machined graphite material, the stiffeners can be easily mounted or removed by only a few screws.

The stiffeners are available only as an optional part.

Variable Shock Mounting.
The new design of the rear suspension arm allows very practical variable position of the rear shock absorbers. Depending on track conditions, the rear shock absorbers can be installed either in front or behind the shock tower.

Slipper Clutch.
The power from the motor is transferred to the drivetrain via an adjustable central slipper clutch for quick and easy tuning.

The new lightweight slipper clutch plates have a machined relief which decreased the friction surface which assists with clutch slip adjustment. With the new plates the pressure of the plate is on the circumference of the clutch pads, which increases the efficiency.

The new slipper clutch pads are produced from new ultra-efficient SLS material with very high slip efficiency and allows very precise adjustment of the slipper clutch.

The new clutch spring is much stronger which helps improve consistency and gives ultra-fine slipper clutch adjustment.

The clutch outdrives are super lightweight and manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™ and are additionally hardened for extra life and reliability. The slipper plates are machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and additionally hardened and with a black final surface treatment.

Off-set Wheels.
The new front wheels feature +1mm offset which makes the front of the car wider and as such more stable.

Front & rear bulkheads were reinforced to withstand rigorous impacts and abusive racing conditions. The diameter of the holes for ball-bearings was refined to minimize ball-bearing play which results in increased lifetime of the gear’s teeth and minimizes the gears stripping.

Shock Towers.
Front & rear shock towers were redesigned and reinforced.

Machined from premium-grade 3.0mm graphite, the shock towers are lightweight and strong and have multiple shock positions as well as multiple roll center adjustment positions. The rear shock tower holds the wing mount.

Diff Outdrives.
Both front & rear differentials feature new reinforced diff outdrives to increase reliability.

Diff Bevel Gears.
To increase lifespan and reliability, both front & rear differentials include new reinforced diff bevel gears.

Ball Joints.
All feedback was considered and evaluated, and even the smallest details such as ball joints were refined and improved. To increase reliability, the ball joints were redesigned and reinforced.

Top Deck.
To new top deck was reinforced for increased reliability and other small details were improved for a more precise fit.

The top deck is machined from high-grade graphite, and its main design purpose is not only to hold the body mount but also to reinforce the chassis assembly by connecting the front diff bulkhead with the central drive system. The top deck captures the central drivetrain bearings and holds them in place in their supporting bulkheads.

Shock O-rings.
To improve shock sealing, the upper cap O-rings are included in the shock absorbers.

Shock Tower Protector.
In addition to the new front shock tower reinforced design, the XB4 includes an additional shock tower protector which can be used at extremely abusive tracks.

Ball Differential.
The optional ball differential was designed and is suggested for low traction track conditions. Externally adjustable ball differential is machined from HUDY Spring Steel and additionally hardened for extra durability and long lifetime. High-quality carbide thrustbearing is included for smooth operation and the carbide balls ensure ultra-smooth running. The ball differential comes factory pre-assembled.

2014 All-new Features
  • All-new chassis frame
  • All-new smart SFA (Suspension Flex Adjustment)
  • All-new narrow rear arms with 2mm wheelbase shims
  • All-new weight balance adjustment
  • All-new lightweight slipper clutch plates
  • All-new stronger slipper clutch spring
  • Reinforced front bulkhead
  • Reinforced front shock tower
  • Reinforced diff outdrive adapters
  • Reinforced ball joints
  • Shock O-rings included
  • All-new arm design
  • All-new SFA graphite stiffeners for suspension arms (option)
  • All-new narrow front arms with 2mm wheelbase shims
  • All-new variable rear shock mounting
  • All-new slipper clutch pads SLS
  • All-new front wheels with +1mm offset
  • Reinforced rear bulkhead
  • Reinforced rear shock tower
  • Reinforced diff bevel gear
  • Updated top deck
  • Front shock tower protector included

Main Features:

All-new XB4 1/10 off-road 4WD platform

Designed for highest performance at all levels of racing

Developed for brushless motors and saddle pack LiPo batteries

Engineered with typical attention to the smallest details

Manufactured with legendary artistic craftsmanship from premium European materials

Unique XRAY Multi-Flex™ technology for easy chassis flex adjustment

Swiss 7075 T6 hard coated 2.0 aluminum chassis

Composite chassis frame with tray design featuring plenty of space for electronics

Chassis designed to provide maximum traction and steering

Precise front to rear balance as well left to right side balance

Graphite 2.0mm: upper deck, rear braces, front steering connecting plate

Graphite 3.0mm: front & rear shock towers

Unique & innovative front & rear bulkheads which allow access to the differentials using only 4 screws

Innovative aluminum motor mount with independent bayonet style motor plate allows quick, easy and secure gear mesh adjustment

Front & rear gear differential with adjustable oil viscosity featuring 35T crown gear and 14T pinion gear

Robust central 81T spur gear molded from exclusive secret blend of composite material

Internal drive ratio 1:2.5

Adjustable center slipper clutch with easy tuning featuring lightweight HUDY Spring Steel outdrives hardened for extra life and reliability

Hardened slipper plates from Swiss 7075 T6 with black surface treatment

Molded front& rear gear differentials included to provide increased on-power steering, and featuring maintenance-free design using premium materials like our special custom composite mixture and lightweight, hardened, HUDY Spring Steel out drives

Constant velocity drives (CVD) are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel for reduced weight and increased durability. The shafts are hand ground for maximum precision.

Safety collars for all drive shafts ensures that the mounting pins are securely captured

Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum suspension holders front and rear

Integrated Suspension Settings (I.S.S.) for super fast, easy and comfortable suspension geometry setting (caster, toe-in, roll-centers, kick-up, anti-squat, wheelbase, trackwidth) using eccentric bushings inserted into aluminum suspension holders

Specially designed suspension components manufactured from carefully formulated custom composite mixtures to ensure proper flex and durability. Geometry has been tuned for performance versatility in all racing conditions.

Lightweight 1-piece caster blocks with preset 9° caster with easy adjustable roll center position featuring larger openings for quick and easy disassembly of CVDs; optional 6° caster block available

Front chassis feature pre-angled caster of 8° and with the variable I.S.S. settings a range 16~20° of total caster can be achieved

Tiny yet robust steering blocks molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength featuring adjustable lower roll center.

Very compact 0° toe-in rear uprights feature 2 different roll center positions and 3 different upper roll center positions and with included shim on the pivot pin wheelbase is easily adjusted.

Oversized bearings are included on outboard suspension positions to carry increased dynamic loads.

Ultra-lightweight 14mm wheel hex drive hubs CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 and additionally black-coated have ultra-true hex clamping design which ensures solid mounting of the wheel

Optional -0.75mm and +0.75 off-set wheel hex drive hubs available for super fine adjustment

Very simple yet effective steering system with integrated adjustable servo saver ensures perfect steering featuring easily adjustable Ackermann and bump steer

HUDY Spring Steel™ turnbuckles specially hardened for maximum strength used for front and rear upright linkages, steering system and servo saver

Consistent and reliable membrane-free big bore shocks with bleed-screw shock cap design feature up-stop shock rod travel adjustment via o-rings and downstop adjustment using shims under pistons

Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum shock bodies and lower nut are hard coated in black

Delrin pistons molded using super precise moulds featuring multiple types of pistons including different holes and diameters for precise shock adjustment; for custom adjustment a set of blank pistons are also included

Shock rods are machined from a special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation and additionally hardened for increased lifetime

Premium shock springs designed specifically for big bore shocks; manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee equal length and damping characteristics; laser engraved for easy identification

Full line of linear and progressive shock springs available

Premium silicone oils laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure highest possible consistency and quality

Anti-roll bars manufactured from special spring steel material to stabilize the car at both front and rear are mounted to the diff cases & can be easily adjusted via linkages; laser engraved for easy identification and available in all different sizes for fine-tuning

Full set of 22 high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings used throughout the drivetrain to ensure maximum efficiency, degreased and oiled with Aero Shell Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life

Stylish & effective rear wing designed to work perfectly with the original XB4 body; made from strong Lexan material, supported by extra flat shims

High performance low profile aerodynamic body designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the XB4 and work in most track conditions effectively

Beefy 6mm thick body posts from special composite material for maximum strength

Specially designed 14mm hex hub aerodisk wheels for high competition racing; featuring reinforcement ribs to eliminate deformation and molded from very flexible material to remain durable against impacts

Aluminum self-locking wheel nuts

Super easy to build, set up, maintain, and drive

Adjustment Possibilities: Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, kick-up, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, roll center, wheelbase, roll centers
Adjustable gear differential action via oil viscosity
Adjustable slipper clutch
HUDY Spring Steel™ adjustable turnbuckles
Multiple upper and lower shock mounting locations at front and rear
Adjustable Ackermann and bumpsteer
Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
Chassis pre-drilled holes for weight balance adjustment

XB4 Specs

Class: 1/10 electric 4WD off-road car
Width: Adjustable 245-250mm
Length: 352 mm
Wheelbase: Adjustable 279-281 mm
Weight: 850 g
Ready-to-run weight: 1650 g

Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
Chassis tray: Composite 1-piece
Front upper deck: Machined 2.0 mm laminated carbon graphite

Suspension: Adjustable suspension via Integrated Suspension System I.S.S.
Rear suspension: Lower arm with adjustable upper camber link
Front suspension: Lower arm with adjustable upper camber link and with 9° caster blocks
Rear upright: Composite 0° toe-in with dual arm mounting and 3 roll center positions
Shocks: Big bore membrane free shock absorbers with Delrin pistons
Shock towers: Machined 3.0 mm laminated carbon graphite (front + rear) with multiple shock mounting and camber link roll center positions

Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD
Primary: Pinion / spur
Drive shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts
Central shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ Direct Connection Shafts
Differentials: Sealed gear differential, 6 gear, silicone-filled
Slipper clutch: Adjustable
Bearings: Rubber-sealed high-speed bearings

Primary ratio: 1:2.5
Differential pinion: 14T front / rear
Differential crown gear: 35T front / rear
Spur gear: 81T (84T option)
Motor pinion: Not included

Camber: Adjustable front + rear
Front Caster: 9° static + 7° ~ 11° caster in chassis = 16° ~ 20° total caster range
Optional 6° static + 7° ~ 11° caster in chassis = 13° ~ 17° total caster range
Toe-in: Adjustable front + rear
Downstops: Adjustable front + rear
Front kick-up: Adjustable 7° ~ 11°
Rear anti-squat: Adjustable 1° ~ 5°
Anti-roll bars: 1.2mm front / rear
Ackermann: Adjustable
Bump steer: Adjustable
Steering: Centrally-positioned dual steering system

Body, Tires, Wheels & Misc
Body: XRAY XB4 body
Tires: Not included
Wheels: XRAY Aerodisk 14mm Wheel hex hub

Adjustment Possibilities
Standard adjustment: Camber, toe-in, caster, track width, wheelbase, kick-up, anti-squat, roll center, Ackermann, bump steer
Instructions: Full-color manual with 3D graphics (40 pages)
Set-up book: Not included. HUDY 2-color off-road set-up book (40 pages) can be downloaded in the „Download section“ and it shows 1/8 off-road models in photographs contained within it. However, the methodology and set-up theory are the same for all modern 1/10 off-road cars.
Packaging: Carton box with vinyl bags with parts
Additionally included HUDY Graphite Grease, Silicone Oils, Authentication Certificate, Set-up sheet, Parts list & Exploded view, Decals

Items Not Includes
Radio system (transmitter and receiver), steering servo, motor, pinion gear, LiPo battery packs, speed controller, charger, tires, inserts, double-sided tape, CA glue, bearing oil, medium-grade (blue) threadlock, universal tool for all nuts and turnbuckles and other tools