- Schumacher CAT K1 Aero - Tony Newland - Gear Differential Build -

While doing my diffs tonight I remember a couple guys saying their diffs had leaked and asked about the stiffer orings etc..... I took a series of pictures showing how I do my diffs. These have been freshened just like this once since last February. Dozens of club races on them and not a drop of leaking and they were still full. The key is not to overfill them, how do you know if its overfilled? How much do they hold? do you just guess? This is a very easy way to make sure they are never over filled and wont leak. First few pics are showing how they looked right out of the car, I didnt wipe any oil off etc... theyre clean and oil free. Second I use WD40 and spray alittle inside the case and rotate the sun gears, wd loosens the oil and dilutes it so it runs right out. then I clean everything add a layer of black grease between each shim on the outdrives. Im liberal, cant use too much. Then I make sure the oring is well greased and assemble into the diff halves. Add side gear, add oil, add planetaries and top with enough oil to cover the cross pins. Them I add the other side gear and see if any oil pushes above the gears or to the sides. Ill line up the groove in the side gear with the bolt holes and line the pin up the same way. Assemble both halves of the diff and tighten the screws evenly. Boom! Guarranteed to not be over filled and the grease will seal any oil from escaping. This is how we built our 1/8 diffs and never had an issue. This will work with any gear diff, theyre pretty much all the same....


T. Newland