The OCRC is for the RC8B3.1e on a smooth clay track. I tried some new stuff last night and the changes worked well. Here is what ended up changing:
- Front spring: Yellow spring > Blue Spring: Improved car through bumps and lessened the chance of traction roll
- Rear Spring: Gray Spring > White Spring: Changed spring follow suit with front end
- Rear Diff Gear: Standard Ring and pinion > Under drive Ring and Pinion (#81009). Improved grip coming on to the straight, launched better out of the corner.
- Shock Oil (Front): 40wt > 42.5wt: Improved landing and held corner better.
- Shock Oil (Rear): 35wt. > 37.5wt. Improved landing and held corner better.

Car improved from 20.2 fastlap to 19.8.
Beat my old track record by 10+ seconds.
The car is very easy to drive and very predictable.



N. Wautlet