This spotlight is on Chris VanAir's 2016 Reedy Outdoor Off-road championship-winning 17.5 stadium truck. This was a non-vintage class, and he raced against other new models. The truck was a "barn-find" and was purchased new-built, but never used. Chris wanted to keep it as close to its authentic vintage form as possible, so he kept it to its original stock build.

Front End
Looking at the front end, you can see it is still in the stock original form. Team Associated threaded shock body #7477 was used for more accurate ride height adjustments, as well as the #6417 gold shock shafts for smooth suspension action. Traxxas® #2362 Ultra Shocks Rebuild Kit O-Rings were used in the shocks. (These O-Rings are similar to current-day X-Rings.) Also GHEA Racing Products #2 Machined Shock Pistons were used with a 32.5wt shock oil and standard blue front truck springs. The ride height of the truck was set at 29mm and no limiters were used in the front shocks.

FT Gold Shock Shaft, 1.02 in stroke, front
V2 1.02 Threaded Bodies (discontinued)

Rear End
The rear end of the truck had the same shock treatment as the front end. VanAir used #7483 threaded shock bodies and #6416 gold shock shafts and the same Traxxas O-Rings and GHEA #2 Machined Shock Pistons, 30wt shock oil, and standard truck silver rear springs with a ride height of 29mm and zero limiters in the shocks. A MIP #1301 Aluminum CVD Kit was used with #9608B wheel spacers. Inside the transmission were a few hidden vintage secrets: a Thorp machined Delrin idler gear and one-piece aluminum top shaft to free up the drivetrain, as well as a Custom Works R/C Cars slipper eliminator.

FT Gold Shock Shaft, 1.32 in stroke
Rear Axle Wheel Spacer, blue (discontinued)

Inside Front End
Chris used the original stock turnbuckles and ball cups. All other front end parts are original parts from the stock build.

Inside Rear End
A newer #6333 battery cup was used, as the original was missing. New mounting holes for the battery cup had to be drilled to account for the new-style LiPo battery. The #6323 RC10 Rear Bulkhead was also used with the outer holes cut off, and Chris drilled new inner holes to match the older Worlds bulkhead. A #6339 battery strap was used to secure the battery.

RC10 Rear Bulkhead
RC10 Battery Cup
Battery Strap
Wing, Body Mount, Bumper

Body and Tires
Fortunately, the truck was purchased with the original body still clear, and this was what VanAir used. Team associated still stocks this body, #6130. A Southern California local racer, Jeremy Lee, of Off The Grid Designs, custom-painted the body. Used were front wheels #7842Y and rear wheels #7802Y. He used JConcepts® Carver tires in blue compound in the front and JConcepts® Flipout tires in green compound in the rear. Stock foam was used in the front tires and Pro-Line® two-stage foam was used in the rears.

RC10T Team Truck Body, clear
Rear Wheels, one piece, lightweight, white
Truck Front Wheels, 1 piece, fluorescent yellow

Chris used a Hobbywing Justock speedo paired with a Reedy #254 17.5 M3 motor and a Reedy #27301 5600mAh Zappers battery. For the servo, he used the #27101 Reedy RT1508 Digital HV Hi-Torque servo. He charged his batteries with his Reedy #27200 1216-C2 Dual AC/DC competition charger at 12a.