When to run gull vs. flat.

The gull tower stands the shock up more vertical, so it tends to do 2 things:

1) less forward weight transfer off power
2) less likely to snap roll at end of straight
3) usually can push more in tight turns, good for laydown car which has weight forward.
4) I recommend using more antisquat with gull front end

The flat arm tends to:
1) more entry steering off power to get into the turns
2) better with stand-up gearbox, more steering
3) can be more likely to snap roll on super high traction
4) have the same arm left and right, easier on spare parts :)

So there ya go.... the gull definitely lends it self to laydown gearbox mode when you are on higher traction and the car needs to reduce forward weight transfer into turns.


K. Wenger