Running on ozite carpet 17.5t stock buggy with high grip. Car feels pretty good only thing I've noticed is when I try to push the car really hard mid corner to exit the back end wants to kick and slide out. Any tips are appreciated. Here's my setup.

Josh McCall: 2.4 AKA slicks have noticeably better grip on ozite. That’s the first thing I’d try.
Other than that, try shorter rear links, and/or no rear sway bar.

Barry Newkirk: I have been using vrp pistons and they seem to help keep the car planted on carpet when cornering

Chris Coit: +1 on AKA slicks they are definitely the best on ozite

Jim McCormick: See Cody Wayne’s setup on here. I ran it yesterday and other the running a half deg more - camber -2 instead of -1.5 and it was dialed.

Jason Kodysz: Are you on slicks or pin tires? slicks are very prep dependent so this might be something you can solve with tires?

Jason Sullivan: I would try slowing the steering down a little bit in the radio before you change anything

David Matthews Raise the rear camber link on the hubs. By half mil increments if you have the aluminium hubs. If not just flip the inserts. See if this has a positive effect.


S. Roy