- Schelle Racing - 67mm Axle Conversion - Instructions -

We've had a few racers contacting us wondering what to do if the B6 rear wheel bearings drag when you tighten down your rear wheels. You can relieve the clamping force by shifting the outer hub bearing closer to the shoulder on the rear axle. Follow the photos on the right for reference. This is a very tiny amount of material, so don't go overboard, you just shave off 0.2mm (thickness of 1-2 sheets of paper).

- Pull out your plastic 6x13mm bearing inserts and sand the back side 0.2mm on an emory board or sandpaper on a flat surface (drywall paper is the most abrasive).
- Use a circular motion and vary your grip on the part to help keep it flat.

It takes about 15-30 seconds of sanding and you're good to go. The axles should have zero slop and the bearing will have reduced side load when you clamp your wheel nuts tight. Total time start to finish is about 5 minutes.

email info@schelleracing.com for more info.