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B6 Front Tower and Wing Mount

Schelle has done it again with the new B6 Front Tower and Wing Mount (available in Flat and Gull versions). The front tower design mates with a 3-d printed upper wing mount (mount and hardware included) so that racers can screw on their front wing without removing the shock standoffs. The screw on front wing design eliminates the common wing failure of cracking at the mount tab corner. Now racers can quickly remove the mount without removing the shock standoff screws, as well as remove the wing off the car (for travel or cleaning) while keeping the mount in place.

B6 Front Tower Features:
• 4mm thickness carbon fiber, Made in USA.
• Fits B6 or B6D with matching flat or gull arms.
• Includes front tower, 3-d printed wing mount*, 2 x M3x10 mount screws, 2 x M3x4 wing screws.
• Front wings last longer and are easily removed for travel to/from the track.
• Fits all B5M or B6 series front wings, trim off mounting tabs required.

*Spare 3-d printed mount and hardware also sold separately SCH1265 (will not fit non-Schelle towers).

SCH1263 - B6 Front Tower and Wing Mount, Flat
SCH1264 - B6 Front Tower and Wing Mount, Gull
SCH1265 - Front Tower Wing Mount and Screws
SCH1269 - B6 Front Tower, Flat
SCH1270 - B6 Front Tower, Gull

B6 Extreme 5mm Gull Tower

The B6 Extreme Gull tower is intended to be the most durable carbon fiber front tower on the market. Made in the USA with premium 5mm Carbon Fiber, the design removes the 2 outer holes and shortens the ears to reduce leverage. This tower will be the choice of racers looking to add toughness to their B6 buggies.

B6 Extreme 5mm Gull Tower Features:
• 5mm Carbon Fiber, Made in the USA.
• Short outer ears, 2 mounting holes to reduce leverage in crashes.
• Schelle design with option hole for Schelle upper wing mount.
• Fits B6. Also fits B6D with front gullwing arms (ASC91673).

*Spare 3-d printed mount and hardware also sold separately SCH1265 (will not fit non-Schelle towers).

SCH1297 - B6 Extreme 5mm Gull Front Tower

B6 Delrin Front Tower Wing Mount

100% Machined from a solid piece of black Delrin plastic, the B6 Delring Front Tower Wing Mount (and Screws) will improve the durability of your B6 buggy.

  1. 100% Machined Front Tower Wing Mount for B6 Flat and Gull Tower.
  2. For maximum strength, only 2 in-line wing mount screws.
  3. M3x10 BH mount screw and M3x4 BH wing screw included (2 each).
  4. Fits Schelle towers SCH1295 Extreme Gull, SCH1269 Flat and SCH1270 Gull only.
SCH1298 - B6 Delrin Front Tower Wing Mount

B6 Carbon Bulkhead Shims 0.5mm

Fine tune the steering characteristics of your B6 or B6D by shimming the front bulkhead (and thus the inner pivot) lower to the ground with 0.5mm Carbon Fiber shims by Schelle. Made in the USA, these parts have proven to give extra steering in tight turns for small midwest tracks, and several outdoor racers from Australia swear by this setup on a B6D.

  1. Precision CNC routed 0.5mm thickness
  2. 2 pcs included per package, stack them up to get 1.0mm lower front pins.
  3. Made in the USA.
  4. Fits B6 and B6D.
SCH1279 - B6 Carbon Bulkhead Shims 0.5mm

B6 Extreme 5mm Flat Tower

The B6 Extreme Flat tower is intended to be the most durable carbon fiber front tower on the market. We went with premium 5mm Carbon Fiber made in the USA, removed the outer hole and shortened the ears to reduce leverage so this tower will be the choice of racers looking to add toughness to their B6 buggies.

B6 Extreme 5mm Flat Tower Features:

  1. 5mm Carbon Fiber, Made in the USA.
  2. Short outer ears, 2 mounting holes to reduce leverage in crashes.
  3. Schelle design with option holes for Schelle upper wing mount.
  4. Fits B6D. Also fits B6 with front flat arms (ASC91672).
  5. Package includes 5mm tower, Schelle mini decal.
SCH1299 - B6 Extreme 5mm Flat Tower


Carbon Fiber Battery Strap

With the new B6 and B6D release, Schelle engineering went straight to work on a carbon fiber battery strap. The final design is rigid, secure, and minimalist. The strap holds down the perimeter of the LiPo pack while allowing clearance for the plugs and also of the positive and negative terminal markings on the case. The pack is held in place by 3-d printed 7mm hex battery stops which are easy to install with a 7mm wheel wrench. Stainless steel screws are included, but racers can upgrade to aluminum or Ti to shave weight. Lastly, racers can pivot the hex posts and run the battery pack in-line for a more quick handling setup.

B6 Carbon Fiber Battery Strap Features:
• 2.5mm Carbon Fiber, Made in the USA.
• Give visibility to “+” and “-“ labels on most common LiPo packs.
• Minimalist design gives more plug and wire clearance.
• 7mm Hex Battery Stops included.
• Stainless Steel Hardware included.
• Slotted design to fit several pack widths.
• Fits in-line pack option.
• Comes with B6 Strap, Schelle Mini Decal, 4 x 7mm Stops, 4 x BH Screws.
• Fits both B6 and B6D.

SCH1257 - B6/B6D Carbon Battery Strap


Aluminum Rear Hub Set

Schelle broke new ground with the 1/10th 2-piece hub concept on the B5 series. Now, the best hubs on the market are available for the B6 and B6D. The 2-piece design with replaceable upper increases adjustment and durability, and now the Schelle B6 hubs fit the kit axle height inserts for 0, +1, +2, and +3 adjustability. The standard location "inside, +1mm shim" matched the kit standard upper row middle "B" hole. The upper cap design can space away from the main hub with ballstud shims, allowing racers fine “in-between” adjustments for the rear upper link. True to the kit geometry, the Schelle aluminum hubs are 0 degree toe-in when using the Associated inserts. The upper caps carry over from the B5M design, and are shared left and right. The upper cap design reduces leverage on the outer ballstud, as well as increasing shock clearance for the turnbuckle.

• Fits B6 axle height adjustment inserts (trim off tiny aligment bump).
• Allows for future toe-in option inserts (not included, kit Associated B6 pin inserts required)
• 2-piece design with replaceable upper increases adjustment and durability.
• Shim adjustable upper link length for small "in-between" hole locations.
• True Geometry, matches kit parts for axle height and width.
• Slop-Free. Plastic bearing inserts and hingepin set screws included.
• Symmetric design hub caps, same as the B5M upper caps SCH1095.
• Reduced leverage to break ballstuds. Uses 6mm length Heavy-Duty Ballsud (ASC91047)*.
• Increased shock spring clearance for rear turnbuckles.
• 0 degree toe, Hubs available in Black Anodize. Caps are black anodize.
• Fits B6 and B6D. Also re-tro fits to B5, B5M, B5M Factory Lite, T5M, SC5M. Axle height inserts required (sold in ASC91697).

SCH1234 - B6 Aluminum Rear Hub Set, Black

Schelle Hub HD Ballstud & Washer Bag

Schelle Hub HD Ballstud & Washer Bag Features:

  1. 6mm length HD ballstud and black 1mm aluminum washer.
  2. One bag per pair of Schelle B6 or B64 rear hubs.
  3. Fits SCH1095 aluminum hub caps. Option -2mm Carpet/Astro caps require 4mm length.
These are a great compliment to the purchase of any Schelle B6 or B64 hub, they include the correct length ballstud and 1mm washers needed per the instructions to get the standard "upper" row ballstud height.

SCH1376 - Schelle Hub HD Ballstud & Washer Bag

B6 Rear Tower 31mm, Short Eyelet

The 31mm Short rear shock tower allows you to adapt the 31mm shock bodies onto a B6 while using short eyelets to keep the shock as low as possible to the chassis (low CG). Testing has shown the larger oil volume translates to better jump landing and more plush rear suspension feel without bottoming out.

3.5mm thick, made in the USA, the 31mm short tower allows for direct adaptation of B5M rear shocks onto a B6 OR racers can change the kit 27.5 rear shock bodies to the longer 31mm rear shock bodies using the same kit shock shaft. The larger shock volume allows for a higher ratio of oil volume as related to the displacement of the shock shaft as the shock compresses. This is a huge benefit on flat-landing jumps, when you need the car to "stick the landing" without bottoming out and getting upset.

31mm Short tower features:
• 3.5mm carbon fiber, made in the USA.
• Tight spaced upper shock mount holes for fine-tuning.
• Uses short eyelets to lower shocks, only 1.2mm taller than kit tower.
• Additional cross-section around mount holes for increased durability.
• Fits B6 and B6D, use short shock eyelets. B5M shock ends also fit.
• Includes 31mm Short tower and Schelle mini decal.

For Astro/Carpet running, we recommend running shorter stroke for less droop since the tower is lowered.
Use 3 limiters in the shock 26.0 mm shaft exposed as a starting point.

SCH1261 - B6 Rear Tower 31mm, Short

B6 67mm Conversion HD Axles

The Schelle 67mm Conversion Axles are for B6 racers that want to run latest "long bone" setups. The 67mm conversion axles work with aluminum rear hub units by Schelle (B5M and B6) and Team Associated (B5M). The Schelle axles replace the kit units and keep the same overall track width. An extra set of 65mm bone cross pin holes (2mm closer to car centerline) allow for tuning back and forth between the 2 lengths of CVA.

The long 67mm bones can move through the range of suspension travel with less angle mis-alignment. This translates to less bind on power and more rear grip as the suspension works under load instead of locking out due to the drivetrain.

67mm Conversion Axle Features:
  1. CNC Machined Alloy Steel HD Axles and 10x15mm bearing inserts.
  2. Axle design shifts CVA pivot point outward to use 67mm bones (by Schelle or Associated).
  3. Option CVA pin holes for 65mm bones.
  4. Does not change overall track width, keep the same hex adapters.
  5. Fits all Associated HD hex adapters.
  6. Fits B6 or B6D with aluminum hubs by Schelle (B5M , B6) and Associated (B5M). Not compatible with kit plastic hubs.
  7. Axles works for 17.5 or Modified motors on all surfaces.
  8. Includes 2 x HD Axles, 2 x 10mm Bearing Inserts, 4 Axle Shims, Instructions.
SCH1371 Conversion Set, Steel CVA also includes the 67mm Associated Steel CVAs.


AE V2 Pistons

Schelle have 2 new piston pairs to release for use on the Associated B6 and B64 buggies. First is the 2 hole split 1.6 and 1.7, commonly used in 2wd front to gain more steering indoors. Also for the 2wd or 4wd rear, the 3x1.5 Bevel Piston is a perfect complement to 3x1.4 front pistons in bumpier conditions. These 2 new pistons plus our other 6 go-to sizes are included in the new Schelle Tuning Set of 8 pair screw-on type V2 pistons (fits B6, B6D, B64, B64D). The set also fits screw-on V2 shock shafts which are upgrades for B5, B5M, B5M Factory Lite, T5M, and SC5M.

The pistons are Precision CNC machined, and each pair comes in its own labeled Schelle mini snap case. Package includes piston tuning guide, bevel piston instructions, and Kurt "Coach" Wenger's tips. The 8 pairs included are:
(1.6) = 2 x 1.6 Flat
(1.7) = 2 x 1.7 Flat
(1.4) = 3 x 1.4 Flat
(1.4B) = 3 x 1.4 Bevel
(1.5B) = 3 x 1.5 Bevel
(1.6B) = 2 x 1.6 Bevel
(1.7B) = 2 x 1.7 Bevel
(6-7Sp) = 1 x 1.6 and 1 x 1.7 Bevel

Bevel pistons have a 45 degree bevel edge on the bottom side which allows for quicker rebound damping. Lighter rebound damping (rebound= extension) means that the shock can more quickly respond after bumps in the track, keeping the tires from hopping.

AE V2 12mm Piston, 1.6 and 1.7 Split, Bevel
AE V2 12mm Piston, 3 x 1.5mm, Bevel
Associated V2 12mm Piston Tuning Set, 8 pair

The 3 x 1.5mm Flat pistons are popular for 2wd and 4wd buggies in rear. Also, we are offering a new 3+1 line of split hole pistons, with the +1 additional hole added to give more grip and forgivement in bumpy conditions compared to a standard 3-hole. The addition of the small 4th hole gives less low-speed damping resistance, resulting in more traction. It also alters the damping progression relative to a conventional piston, giving less resistance initially before ramping as the shock speed increases.

AE V2 12mm Piston, 3x1.5, Flat
AE V2 12mm 3+1 Piston, 1.4 and 1.0mm, Flat
AE V2 12mm 3+1 Piston, 1.5 and 1.0mm, Flat