This Factory Spotlight is dedicated to the 4x IFMAR World Champion Ryan Cavalieri and his RC10B6 that he drove to the win at the fourth round of the 2015/2016 Euro Off-Road Series in Nurnberg, Germany. With a surprise debut, Ryan and the team showed up with the brand-new B6 kit to compete against the world's best carpet racers at one of the most popular races of the year. Follow along as we highlight the features of Ryan's winning ride.

Front End
The B6 comes standard configured with gull wing front arms and tower. This helps smooth out the initial steering necessary on carpet racing, yet allows the car to continue turning while picking up the throttle. Ryan choose to use the hard gull wing arms for a sharper and more precise feel.

Rear End
Blue aluminum features and a sway bar stand out in this photo. To help keep the rear end flatter during cornering and to maximize corner speed, a 1.2mm white sway bar was installed. Ryan also widened his inner pivots using the inserts on both the aluminum C and aluminum D arm mounts to give more rear end support to the car on the high-grip carpet surface.

Inside Front End
In order to gain the most precise feel, Ryan installed the aluminum bellcrank, aluminum steering rack, and aluminum servo horn. On carpet racing the holding power of the steering assembly is key to consistent laps and a precise feel. Tucked away under the front top plate is also the 0.9mm gray front sway bar. The keen eye will also spot the 1mm shim between Ryan's drag link. This is a fine-tuning adjustment based upon the servo spline location. The servo horn should be vertical and at 90 degrees to the bellcrank.

Inside Rear End
The B6 comes standard with the laydown 3-gear gearbox. On high-grip surfaces, this increases corner speed and reduces wheelies when under heavy throttle. Ryan has chosen to configure his car with the shocks on the front of the Hard A-arms, again, to increase corner speed on the high-grip surface. The Vented V2 slipper plates provide a consistent feel throughout the run and produce a nice hum when combined with the Factory Team aluminum 22-tooth pinion.

Outside Front End
The versatility of the B6 platform really shines in this feature. With a total adjustment of 3mm in axle height, the roll center can be tuned to each track surface. Raising the front axle all the way up lowers the front roll center, which helps to reduce traction rolling on the high-bite carpet surface.Additionally, the titanium front axle adds a level of strength to the front end assembly.

Center Front End
Weight distribution is key in any form of racing, so having optional parts to tune this critical piece of the puzzle is a must. Ryan installed the brass bulkhead at 25 degrees kick up to move the weight even further forward on his B6. Additionally, the use of the set screws in the bulkhead allow him to not use the capture screw in the A-arm, which can sometimes bind if the hinge pin presses against it.

Body, Wing, Wheels, and Tires
The RC10B6 and RC10B6D are both outfitted with the same universal body and wing. Based upon what configuration the racer chooses, just follow the appropriate cut lines and it will fit like a glove.With a JConcepts front upper wing, Ryan's aero package is complete, while the spec EOS tires, wheels and foam provide the necessary grip on the carpet-racing surface. Ryan's signature paint job, combined with the UpGrade R/C decals.

Main Chassis
One of the most versatile features of the B6 and B6D are the chassis weight inserts. Used to win the 2015 IFMAR 2WD World Championship, relocating the weight low helps reduce chassis roll and gives the driver a solid and confident feel on the challenging carpet surface. Ryan chose to add the steel servo weight, steel electronics weight, and to drastically lower the overall center of gravity of his B6.