17.5 2wd build: Front End

Option parts used:
  • Reedy RT1408 LP Servo: 27109
  • Ft Servo horn 25t: 1366
  • B6 FT steering block arms, +1: 91680
  • B6 FT aluminum steering bellcrank: 91668
  • B6 FT titanium front axles: 91683
  • FT titanium turnbuckles, 48mm: 1405
  • FT HD Ti ballstuds, 8mm: 91752

17.5 2wd build: Rear End

Option parts used:
  • B6 FT aluminum hubs: 91760
  • B6 CVA kit, 67mm: 91763
  • B6 FT brass arm mount C, 25g: 91690
  • B6 FT aluminum arm mount D: 91688
  • FT vented V2 slipper plates: 7495
  • FT titanium turnbuckle 48mm: 1405
  • FT HD titanium ballstud, 8mm: 91752
  • 69t spur: 9648

17.5 2wd build: Roller with shocks

Option parts used for shocks:
  • FT 3x21 mm shock shaft V2, chrome: 91616
  • FT 3x27.5mm shock shaft V2, chrome: 91620
  • FT 12x23mm Fox Kashima coated bodies V2: 91576
  • FT 12x27.5mm Fox Kashima coated bodies V2: 91577
  • FT 12mm pistons flat V2, 1.7: 91627
  • FT 12mm pistons flat V2, 1.6: 91626
I forgot to list machined internals (washers).

The car setup I am using is my Speedrc setup.

Here are the pics of how I install my Reedy Blackbox 510R. I do not shorten any receiver wires. In the pictures you can see how I wrap the receiver wire from the speedo, and mount the receiver against it for a clean look. The Reedy RT1408 LP servo comes with a short receiver wire that is a perfect length.

Option parts used:
Reedy low profile caged bullets 5x14: 794
Reedy flat sensor wire, 150mm: 980


D. Evans