We are shining the spotlight on newly crowned 2WD IFMAR World Champion Spencer Rivkin and his RC10B6D for this feature. After winning the World Championship in 2015, Spencer continues to make great strides and is a threat to win any event he enters. In its first race on dirt, Spencer took his B6D to a dominating TQ and win at the JConcepts Spring Indoor Nationals hosted by Tacoma R/C Raceway. Take a look inside Spencer's car to see what he used to bring home the victory.

Inside Front End
Out of the box, the B6D comes with the Flat front shock tower and Flat front arms. Spencer opted for the Hard front arms, as he feels it makes the car land more consistently on dirt. Additionally, the use of the kit plastic bulkhead helps keep the weight bias more towards the rear of the car.

Inside Rear End
With the laydown transmission installed, Spencer chose to mount his shocks on the rear of the A-arm. This moves the weight bias farther back, which is required on medium- to high-grip dirt surfaces. Again, Spencer chose the Hard rear arms for more consistent jumping and landing.

Inside Front End
Aluminum steering dominates this area with the Aluminum steering bellcranks, Aluminum steering rack and Aluminum servo horn. While this car was converted just days before from carpet racing, the rigid steering pieces remained. Look for Spencer and the team to test and tune the steering pieces for each style of racing surface.

Inside Rear End
In the distance you can see the rear hub that has a new feature for the B6 line of vehicles. Racers can now tune the rear axle height, which changes the roll center. Spencer has his axle height at +1mm to give a little more rear-end support as he throws the car into the high-speed sections of Tacoma R/C Raceway.

Body, Wing and Tires
Spencer utilized the RC10B6D body and wing along with the JConcepts narrow upper front wing. Ever since mid-2015 the front upper wing has become a staple of Spencer's aero package and it translates to the new B6D platform. Spencer also chooses JConcepts tires to transfer his Reedy power to the racing surface.Dirt Webs in gold compound along with Dirt Tech inserts and Mono wheels complete the tire package.

Spencer used the recently released Reedy LP servo that is 11 grams lighter than its full-size cousin. This helps reduce weight on the front end and moves the bias rearward. The Reedy Blackbox 410R provides the fine-tuning adjustment required by a top racing professional like Spencer. The Reedy Low profile battery reduces the center of gravity and the 3900mAh rating is plenty for a 2WD modified buggy to run for 10+ minutes. The Reedy Sonic M3 7.5-turn motor is the power plan of choice for most dirt conditions. With a gearing and/or timing change, the 7.5 turn is a very versatile motor.

Team Associated successfully debuted their all new 2wd platform the B6 just over a week ago, winning an EOS carpet race in Germany. The new car will now make itís first outing on clay next weekend in the hands of current World Champ Spencer Rivkin, at the 2016 JConcepts Spring Indoor National Series at the Tacoma R/C Raceway in Tacoma, Washington.





Here at Neobuggy.net we can exclusively present Spencerís car, right after his return from Germany Associated designer Kody Numendahl rebuilt Spencerís car into the dirt setup.

The car itself is not the B6D, but the actual B6 than ran in Germany, retaining the carpet type lay down transmission.









However Kody mounted the B6D front flat arms and tower and replaced the gear diff with an ultra smooth ball diff. You can notice on the photos there is no steel insert plate under the servo but there is one underneath the esc/receiver and one underneath the Lipo.









The car is also fitted with a brass option part C-plate. Spencer having never ran the car on dirt, the current setup is likely to change over the race weekend