Front End
Out of the box, the B6D comes with a flat front shock tower and flat front A-arms. Sarah Ann chooses to run a gullwing front shock tower #91663 and hard gullwing front arms #91674. She runs this to increase the overall steering throughout the corner. Additionally, she uses an aluminum bulkhead #91658 to further add steering while exiting corners.

- B6 FT Aluminum Bulkhead
- B6 Front Shock Tower, gull wing
- B6 Gull Wing Front Arms, hard

Inside Front End
Sarah Ann uses the stock plastic steering rack, aluminum servo horn #1366 and the optional +1 Steering Block Arm #91680 to smooth the steering throughout the corner.

- FT Aluminum Servo Horn 25T, 15.5 mm
- B6 Steering Assembly
- B6 FT Steering Block Arms, +1

Rear End
With the laydown transmission #91705 installed, Sarah Ann chooses to mount her shocks on the front of the A-arm. This moves the weight bias further forward to increase rear traction in low speed corners. Also, with the shocks mounted on the front of the A-arm, rear stability is increased at high speeds. Additionally, she runs aluminum rear hubs #91549 in order to run 4mm of ballstud washers on the outer camber link location. Doing so increases rear side bite greatly. Again, Sarah Ann chooses the hard rear arms #91696 for more consistent handling in all conditions.

- FT Aluminum Ballstud Washers
- FT Aluminum Rear Hubs, black
- B6 Rear Arms, hard
- B6 Laydown Transmission Conversion

Inside Rear End
Seeing Sarah Ann chooses to run the shocks on the front of the A-arm, she utilized the optional Brass 25g C mount #91690 to move the weight bias towards the rear but in front of the rear axle. She also has removed the chassis brace to be able to move the battery back. She does this to continue moving the weight bias towards the rear.

- FT B6 Brass Arm Mount C, 25g

Body, Wing, and Tires Sarah Ann uses the JConcepts Lightweight S2 body, Aero rear wing and the narrow upper front wing. Sarah Ann also chooses JConcepts tires to transfer her Reedy power to the racing surface. Dirt Webs in gold compound along with Dirt Tech inserts and Mono wheels complete the tire package.

Sarah Ann used the Reedy RT1408 LP servo #27109 that is 11 grams lighter than its full-size cousin. This helps reduce weight on the front end and moves the bias rearward. The Reedy Blackbox 800z #27002 provides excellent power needed to contend in the competitive stock racing scene. With the combination of larger 5mm bullet and high C rating, the Reedy Zappers shorty #27306 provides Sarah Ann with exceptional acceleration and top speed with no fade throughout the race. The Reedy Sonic M3 17.5-turn motor #254 is the power plant of choice for stock racing.

- Reedy Sonic 540-M3 Motor 17.5 Spec
- Reedy Blackbox 800Z Zero-Timing ESC
- Reedy RT1408 LP Digital HV Hi-Torque Competition Servo
- Reedy Zappers 4400mAh 7.4V 100C Shorty