Reedy have just released the new 510R Blackbox ESC. I had my first run with it at Knox on 1 Jan. Ive attached my setup and some notes. Ill update here as we learn more.

The 510R has very smooth low speed control with very strong mid range punch Also weighs ~ 25g less than the 410R.
- The 510R allows for higher drive frequency. 32kHz drive frequency helps with precise throttle control from low speed. Good for reducing wheelspin on slippery track.
- Tested punch level 5 to 10. 10 very strong and easy to get some wheelspin. 5 smooth. 7 or 8 maybe OK for higher grip.
- I run 0% min drive, mininum deadband etc for most linear feel.
- I haven't fully tested the current limiting feature yet.
- Brake frequency has large effect on low speed braking. I liked 1 kHz. Tested 2 kHz (weaker at low speed) and 8kHz (very weak at low speed, easy to lock at high speed). I think lower brake frequencies help in offroad.
- Brake strength 90% and EPA 85%. Set for minimal brake lockup at the end of a straight.
- 18% drag brake (matches previous setup, didnt test)
- Didnt test brake punch or any of the dynamic drag brake settings.

For installation, I resoldered my capacitor pointing to the left so I could keep the ESC central and have the sensor wire run in the channel. With the KO radio I needed to use servo reverse to calibrate successfully.


R. Munday