Here is my B6D Setup for Indoors at OCRC. I took the 17.5 win last night at OCRC and by the main I felt really comfortable with the car. I have about 10 runs on it and luckily I broke in some fresh dirt webs on my B5M so I wasn't chasing the tires. There is still so much to try on the car and I have just been working off of my base OCRC B5M setup. I think part of the reason I was able to win was that my car was easy to drive fast without crashing. Hope to help you guys out when you get your B6D kits.

On the B6D, you can feel that the CG is lower by the way it drives. I went to softer springs than I normally ran on my B5M and it had good grip and really gets through the turns quickly. I was up to speed with the fast OCRC locals on my 2nd day at the track.

Upgrades used:
Schelle Ti upper screws
Lunsford Ti turnbuckles
Schelle Alum. hubs
Kashima Shock Bodies
Schelle V2 3x1.4 pistons
Lightweight Body (this was the only body they had for a spare)


K. Wenger