B6.3d first drive in Australia!
Over the weekend we travelled up to the Hills Off Road RC in Sydney for the first run with the B6.3d. The track is a super cool fast and flowing outdoors track with lots of elevation change. We started on JConcepts Sprinters and moved to Ellipses as the groove came up.
I built up the B6.3d with a layback transmission configuration and used a similar setup to those we have published recently (+0 axle / diff heights, v1 white springs, -4mm rear arms).
First impressions: the 6.3 carries great corner speed and has really good forward drive out of corners. We swapped the 6.3 c/d blocks into Lachies car for the last couple of runs and he ended up winning the final round with FTD. Can't wait to spend some more time with the car!

Link to notes on 25th of April 2020: B6.2 Rear Arm Modification

B6.3 setup on B6.2 setup sheet as the B6.3 form was not available at time of sharing information.


Ray Munday