This is the setting sheet for Associate B6.2D as of June 14. 17.5 stock.

* The base for the first setting is the Rivkin's Desert Classic Setup.

The changes from the last time...

- The motor is Trion V2 JM17.5T, but the rotor has been changed to a steel shaft of φ12.5 (MM shaft era). The fever is much better. In the case of a maniac, I prefer this one.
- Slightly increased vehicle height
- We removed the weight under the steering crank.
- One 5g weight is added to the left and right corners of the side guard behind the battery.
- Rear toe-in was returned to 3rd.
-Change the front and rear springs.
-There are front and rear hills.
- Because the rear wing is broken, it becomes Yokomo gokaku Narrow. The cut line is the second from the bottom.
-The chassis side mounting position of the front upper arm is from the inside to the center.
- I put in a slipper lock.
- Rear hub link mount is installed in the reverse direction (in the direction in which the upper arm extends)

I couldn't run slick with stability, so while everyone was running with slicks, there was a mountain with one person running. I tried various things to eliminate the instability, but the most effective thing was to change the mounting position of the front upper arm. The movement that the front side gets caught when entering a corner has been eliminated, making it easier to run and coming in at the start.

I tried to slick with this specification on the final pack, but it was within the level that I could manage, so I'm thinking about trying again the set around the rear again.

The kit was a regular weight body, a full height short lipo, a low pro servo, a Torion V2 motor and two 5g weights at the rear, which weighed 1560g. YZ2 is also light, but B6.2 is also quite light.