My way of comfort at this point is sharing setup knowledge, so we are here a day early and here's what I've been doing on my B6.2D.

Plastic VS Hard
I've always liked stiffer suspension arms, I feel like it keeps things more consistent lap after lap, lands WAY better, this is an option I take full advantage of on all my cars.

Polished Springs
It's been pretty clear on my cars for a bit now, but yes I polished my springs, yes it's for looks no performance gain.

Short Link VS Middle Link
This all is layout dependent, Ive ran both the short link and long and had success with them, but for the most part I settle in with the standard out on the ball stud mount, and zero between the hub. The shorter link allows the car to square up quicker, and when running the long arm, you need the camber gain to generate the grip back imo.

Raised Steering Rack/Direct Servo Mount
Something I saw Jack Harley mess with at top gun, and then started seeing more play with, the raised rack is to correct bump steer when running less caster. I run on a very, very high bite track, my steering was feeling edgy at high speed, and seeing that less caster would sorta numb that feeling, I thought I'd give it a shot, the results were more corner speed, and a lot flatter of a car to drive around the high speed layout we have at SDRC, now again everything and anything on a setup sheet could be layout dependent like this change, but with each race we go to ends up being in slicks, I'm sure this will stay on this car and my new B6.3D.

This is just a little ramble of what I've had the most questions on regarding some of my stuff, if you have anymore questions or concerns I'll be more then happy to answer till then, see ya around

Matty G

Q: For medium bite would you run a shorter link to get the grip on power out of the corner? . And 5mm hex or 4mm now on the .3 for more traction? I feel like it's there's no Neutral feeling going from +1 to +2 on the hole car it's very one extreme for me.

A: I've ran the wider pivots now, and honestly I'd go with the 5mm hex, it gave it more consistent traction and stability

Q: but with the .3 wider pivot will this take away traction on a medium bite track ? I've tried the wider pivot on the .2 and could never get it to be stable and have traction

A: the .3 pivots when our track was "lower bite" made the car way more predictable and easier to drive imo

Q: So if you run the long arm with the short camber link is what gives it the camber gain?

A: it's more aggressive camber gain the the link we run on the short arm

Q: Can you show us how the steering rack is raised and how much?

A: 3mm underneath the rack, then shave the top plate a bit for clearance


M. Gonzales