Spencer has been a long time fan of the F2 body for the B6 and B6.1 since they were released and with him going with the F2 is a bit of a surprise as the typical carpet/astro body preferred by the pros is the JConcepts S2. Having started the weekend with the S2 early in practice, Spencer decided to try the F2 halfway through qualifying and liked the feel over the S2. From that point on, both Alex K. and Spencer ran the F2 throughout the event with very good results with Spencer taking the win and AK 2nd.

With the spec tire being JConcepts Swaggers and Pin Downs, Slim Mono Front wheels and Mono rear wheels provides a stiff foundation and easy gluing. Opting to go with the Low Mount Aero Wing to control the front, Spencer ran the new prototype "High-Traction Wing" on the rear of the car.

The overall electronics layout is quite standard decked out with Reedy shorty servo, 510R, and Zapper HV pack.

Practically standard on all of Spencer's car is the Fin Titanium Turnbuckle set for the B6.1 and the JConcepts Servo Bracket in black. Both pieces add durability and peace of mind in the case of hard crashes. With set screws that hold the servo in place, the mounting bracket adds security and helps ensure the car's steering position isn't altered in heavy crashes.

Careful eyes can see that Spencer is running the JConcepts Lightweight Motor Plate for less weight and lower CG. When traction is up, CG plays an important part keeping the car on all 4 tires and having some excess material taken out of the motor can help the car maintain a lower CG.

A nice addition to Spencer's cars is the purple anodized Lunsford screw kit that he anodizes himself on his free time. Bling bling!

Since there were a few very tight turns on the layout, you can see the Lower Front Aero wing make an appearance on Spencer's B6.1 to provide a little extra low-speed steering. Swagger front tires provided excellent steering throughout the weekend and resulted in some blazing fast laps.

We often get asked if the Pin Downs are directional since they are marked by a textured 3 row and 1 row. Usually, the team mounts the tires with the 3 textured row of pins on the outside, but it isn't crucial as the lines just indicated the angle of the pins, but after a few runs the pins are normal.

You would think that Spencer would use the aluminum hub option because of the extra grip, but you can see the plastic hubs on his car set to the higher position.

The JConcepts prototype wing was a hit with Spencer and Alex as they both like the look and the added clearance. It was quicker and easier to cut out b/c there's no gurney flap. Holding down the wing to Spencer's car is the Finnisher Aluminum Wing Buttons for added style and refinement.