It's always nice to eye the National Champion's winning car as there's a lot that goes into producing a car that's capable of winning at the highest level. There's no arguing that the package all has to be right in order to win. This means chassis, setup, tires, mental strength, and driving has to be top notch and on point.

This year, the 2018 ROAR National Champion 2wd Modified car belongs to AE/JConcepts star, Spencer Rivkin. Congrats to him as he's been working hard all year long to improve his skills and get his car on the level required to achieve his goal, becoming a 2wd Modified National Champion. With access to basically anything he wants for accessories, upgrades, and parts, this is how Spencer set up his National winning Team Associated B6.1 for Hobby Action at the 2018 ROAR Nats.

While Cavalieri chose to run the P2 - High-Speed Body, Spencer ran the tried and trued, F2 body adding another title to its long list of race wins. From its awesome win at 2017 World Championships in China and now the 2018 US Nationals, the F2 is building quite the legacy.

Often overlooked, the JConcepts Mono Wheels have been a hit with the team as most of the team drivers opt to go with the Mono wheels for their stiffness and easy glue up wheel system when paired with JConcepts tires and Dirt Tech foams.

At the front of Spencer's B6.1, you're pretty much guaranteed to see the JConcepts Servo Mount Bracket supporting the front end and servo on all of Spencer's cars. It's been a popular piece for the pros as teammate, Ryan Cavalieri also chooses to deck out his rides with it too.

One upgrade that often gets overlooked is the JConcepts Fin Titanium Shock Standoffs. Tucked behind the shock cap, Spencer runs the 'short' standoff in both the front and rear with the rear spaced out just a bit.

Moving towards the middle of the car, you can find the Reedy Zapper HV SG 5800 battery as his source of power and a 7.5T Reedy M3 motor. Under the battery, Spencer noted that he's running a 36g gram battery weight for extra stability and a low center of gravity. Careful eyes can spot the JConcepts Laydown/Layback black Motor Plate for bling and a lightweight alternative to the stock piece.

Spencer is known to run the standard Aero wing over the S-Type Aero wing, but lately, the S-Type with almost all of the gurney cut off was his rear wing choice for the Nationals. Completing the wing kit, the trick black anodized aluminum Illuzion wing buttons securing Spencer's wing to the car.

Lastly, the JConcepts "S" or Standard CF rear tower is used to hold the shocks and wing in place as it ties the rear suspension together to the transmission.

At the front of the 2wd, Spencer added his own special touch by anodizing his Fin Titanium turnbuckles purple, along with the entire titanium screw kit. This is a trick he learned by the Dirtinator himself, Brian Kinwald. Holding down the front end, the JConcepts lower front Aero wing aids in high-speed downforce and stability that was necessary for the super fast layout.

Spencer puts 2 punched holes on the side wall of his Dirt Web Fronts to release air and keep things rolling smoothly. This makes it much easier to deal with when you have heavy saucing involved as the foam doesn't prematurely deteriorate.

Securing the ever important rear ballstud in place, the JConcepts B6.1 Rear Ballstud mount adds strength as well as a nice touch of bling.

Having just enough speed to edge out Ryan Cavalieri for the 2wd National title, Spencer steps closer to solidifying himself as one of the greatest drivers of his generation. Not only does it take great driving, skill, and talent, but the equipment has to on the next level of performance and speed.

Here's a quick list to the JConcepts upgrades used by Spencer. You don't have to recreate a copy of his 2wd, but can upgrade accordingly when ever you feel like it.

#0315 - F2 Lightweight body
#3347 - Mono Front Wheels
#3348 - Mono Rear Wheels
#2567 - Aluminum Servo Bracket
#2408 - Laydown/Layback Motor Plate
#2580 - Fin Titanium Turnbuckles
#2599T - Fin Short Shock Standoffs
#2409 - Aluminum Rear Ballstud Mount
#2406 - "Standard" CF Rear B6.1 Tower
#2579 - Illuzion Aluminum Wing Buttons
#0157 - Aero Lower Front wing
#0173 - S-Type Aero rear wing
#3077 - Dirt Web Front tires
#coming soon - Ellipse Rear tires