The Mildura track is a pure clay track which received heavy rain on the friday. Practice started very wet and sticky, then became super bumpy, then grooved slick in the finals. We ran DoubleDee tyres in practice then it quckly changed to Green DirtWebs for the finals. Can honestly say it was the most rapid changing track condition ive experienced in my 25+ years of RC!!

2WD: The B6.1D was like cheating :) Key changes were extra camber, battery forward and alloy c for the stutter bumps, 1 step stiffer spring than usual (helped it skip over the bumps). Tried v2 springs at the end and their progressive character helped (usually i use v1 springs for more traction). I ran 4 gear standup.

4wd: Lots of camber, short front camber link and green frt bar (instead of brown) made the car easier to drive in bumps. The short front link definitely helps a lot on these conditions. I ran the v2 rack with kit B64 plates. This setup gives smooth high speed steering, good low speed rotation and good bump riding. Ive also been testing a different rear setup using HRC pivots and a higher camber link position on the tower. Seems to help keep the rear flat and stable in bumpy / higher grip conditions.


R. Munday