Not gonna try a laydown with that much grip? On high bite clay here in the states guys run dirt webs and a lay down. Even outdoors.

The layback is the next step to try. Ive run it before but on a looser track. I check weight bias with corner scales and this setup is a similar bias to layback with brass c and d and shocks rear. The extra versatility of the b6.1 standup is nice for outdoor dirt racers instead of changing transmission. A lot of our stock racers like the corner speed of layback but in mod power down is much better with standup

I haven't graduated to the 6.1 yet. We have an outdoor track in the area that has as much grip as some indoor clay tracks. I run 17.5, but I'll run a laydown with shocks in front, 27.5/30 white springs and it is on a rail. I also run a brass C block.

Any explanation on why the b6 likes to be heavier on some tracks? Even on medium/high grip tracks

Sounds great. Our tracks have varying grip and if there is dust or bumps standup is more consistent. But laydown definitely corners on rails :) the b6 is a lighter car than the b5 and in general has been designed to be very responsive (carbon towers etc). Adding weight under the battery keeps the centre of mass low and central which helps handling on pretty much all surfaces and seems to be the sweet spot for traction and stability. In general a heavier chassis lets the suspension work better over small bumps.


R. Munday